The MIA market in Rome hosts an event dedicated to the relationship between NFT and audiovisual

01/25/2023 – The speakers discussed the potential, challenges and legal issues related to the exploitation of this new technology This article is available in English. On Friday 13 January the Nuovo Cinema Barberini in Rome hosted the event organized by MIA Mercato and the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy entitled “NFT and Audiovisual. … Read more

Is BTC Above $22,700 Enough to Start Bullish Again?

On Tuesday morning, Bitcoin (BTC) is it fell below $23,000 ahead of the US Federal Reserve’s first interest rate meeting since 2023, which is expected to take place on Wednesday. Bitcoin sits at $22,930, down 3% from its high of $24,000 over the weekend. Ethereum (ETH) has also decreased by 1% in the last 24 … Read more

10 tech news you shouldn’t miss in January

1. ChatGPT is January’s hottest tech topic Who hasn’t heard of ChatGPT? Earlier this year, OpenAI’s AI text generator monopolizes tech media but also media in general. ChatGPT is able to answer the questions of Internet users and start a real discussion, which arouses admiration but also perplexity, especially in the academic field where professors … Read more