Beautiful singles, beautiful cities: fall in love with Rhineland-Palatinate

A romantic trip to Mainz

Not a problem in Mainz either romantic accommodation to get for a few nights. Like this Favorite Park Hotel, which advertises with its location on the Rhine and its large wellness area. Here it will be recreation capitalized. Thanks to good local transport links, you can reach various places of interest from the hotel, such as the Augustinian Church or the Gutenberg Museum. If you’d rather be in the middle of the action, you’ll find yourself in the AC Hotel Mainz feel good Thanks to its location right next to the main train station and close to the historic center of Mainz, you can explore the heart of the city on foot.

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Give to Mainz

The state capital and at the same time the largest city in Rhineland-Palatinate has a lot to offer. Several historical monuments and buildings as well as a large selection of modern restaurants and an extensive nightlife make up the city. Young and old can feel at home here. Falling in love is easy in such a beautiful city. there 5 reasons:

There is no shortage of parks and green spaces in Mainz. For example, you can get to know each other better during a pleasant walk in the city park or in the green areas of the walls. the idyllic atmosphere it’s perfect for getting close and falling in love. Animal lovers can rejoice, because Mainz also has its own zoo with bird enclosures right in the Mainz city park. Hikers and cyclists also have a lot to choose from with various hiking trails and trails.

Do not miss the historic center of the state capital. With his romantic corners And historical buildings the old town of Mainz really attracts attention. But it not only scores with its looks, it also has a lot to offer. There are numerous restaurants and cafes from different cultures where you can spend a romantic evening together, such as the MoschMosch with its Asian cuisine or the Italian restaurant Nonno Luigi. If you are particularly interested in multicultural selection, you can also book a culinary-cultural tour through the historic center of Mainz.

  • historic city of Mainz

Those interested in history will not miss Mainz, because the city is adorned with monuments and historically important Buildings. The most famous are the Gutenberg Monument and the Gutenberg Museum, with the latter telling the story of the inventor, among other things, and the monument depicting Gutenberg himself. You find it in front of the museum Mainz Cathedralwhich has features from the Roman, Gothic and Baroque periods and is one of the most important historical buildings in Germany.

As in many cities in Rhineland-Palatinate, the Mainz carnival should not be missed. The city itself is often referred to as Fastnacht’s stronghold, and with good reason. the carnival parade it’s a highlight every year not to be missed.

For many a highlight of the city: the Reno, because Mainz is located directly on the west bank. In numerous cafes and restaurants you can have lunch together here picturesque view have a good time. Alternatively, you can also grab an ice cream or a coffee to go for a stroll along the promenade. When you watch the sunset over the waves of the Rhine together, you can only fall in love.

Around Mainz

If you want to explore the area around Mainz as well, you will be happy to know that there are also many beautiful cities to explore outside the city. we have 3 useful tips compiled:

  • Nieder-Olm (approx. 14 km) – The rather small town in the heart of Rhenish Hesse has a lot to offer despite its size. For example, Rheinhessen Bad, where you can relax wonderfully together. Those who prefer a little more action can look forward to the Nordic Walking Park.
  • Ingelheim am Rhein (approx. 18 km) – Wine lovers are drawn to the “city of red wine” of Ingelheim am Rhein. With such a wine, picturesque nature with its vineyards and rivers can be wonderfully explored together.
  • Alzey (approx. 35 km) – The city is not a famous tourist destination for nothing, with its picturesque nature and old town, Alzey offers something for everyone. Those who come to Alzey at the right time will have the opportunity to experience the famous wine festival. Here you can make wonderful new acquaintances with live music and theater performances.

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