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Starting next week, there will be no more compulsory and unprovoked tests in schools in Schleswig-Holstein. From 2 April, the obligation to wear a mask will also be history.

The mandatory corona tests will no longer be applied in Schleswig-Holstein schools from Monday (21 March). This was announced Thursday by Education Minister Karin Prien (CDU) in the Landeshaus in Kiel. “The course of infection in children and adolescents is generally mild,” she explained, among other things. Even in schools they now want to take the path of personal responsibility. Pupils can still voluntarily test themselves for Corona. The tests, to be taken at home, are given to him in schools – there is a pack of five per pupil before the Easter holidays. Kids should take a test before school starts after the holidays, Prien says. Even after the holidays there will continue to be voluntary tests. “Personal responsibility here is even more important than before,” the minister appealed. “This means: if I have symptoms, I don’t go to school, if I have symptoms, I test myself”.

VIDEO: Minister of Education Prien on the school path back to normal (7 min)

Prien: no discrimination with voluntary masks

The mask will remain mandatory in schools until the Easter holidays. The state government has already done this announced Wednesday. As of April 2, the Federal Infection Protection Act no longer permits the general mask requirement. According to Prien, anyone who wants to voluntarily wear a mask can continue to do so. It is important that there is no discrimination in one direction or another. If there is a person in a class who is at particular risk from corona virus, all class members may still be asked to continue wearing face masks.

The minister stressed: “Children and young people suffered in particular from the restrictions on their school and extracurricular life during the pandemic”. The Federal Government’s Council of Experts therefore asked that the child’s welfare be taken into account. The vaccination rate between 5 and 17 years in Schleswig-Holstein is 51% with basic immunization, the highest rate in Germany. “The same is true for 12 to 17-year-olds, where 77% already have basic immunization and over 40% have already been boosted,” Prien says.

Parental councils evaluate the regulations differently

The district advisory committee for parents of primary schools and support centers in Schleswig-Flensburg had criticized compliance with the mask requirement until the Easter holidays. For years, the pupils in the first grades lacked the facial expressions and gestures of the teachers. However, these are hugely important to children’s development and have been without them for long enough, according to a spokesperson. Instead of relying on voluntary testing in the future, it would be better to keep the testing requirement, according to Schleswig-Flensburg. Because especially in recent days there have been more cases of crown even in schools.

No longer mandatory: “At some point you have to take this step”

The Kreisparentsbeirat of the Gymnasium Pinneberg welcomes the fact that the mask requirement remains in force for the moment, precisely because numerous new cases of corona have just occurred in schools. A spokesperson for the District Advisory Committee for Parents of Pinneberg Community Schools released a similar statement. In your opinion, it might also make sense to extend the mask requirement beyond the Easter holidays due to returning travelers. Minister Prien dismissed him on Thursday in view of personal responsibility. “At some point you have to take this step,” said the CDU politician.

Further information

A surgical mask lies on a pouch, one hand holds a quick crown test above it.  © picture alliance / CHROMORANGE |  Michael Bihlmayer Photo: Michael Bihlmayer

The crown numbers are climbing to record highs again. However, on Monday the rules of the crown are expected to be relaxed in schools as well. Moreover

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In the supermarket, in the boutique, in the restaurant: contrary to what has been foreseen, the mask requirement will be extended in Schleswig-Holstein. Moreover

A warning sign with the note

According to the state government, the new rules should apply from next Saturday, March 19. Moreover

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Here you will find videos, information and background information about the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus in Schleswig-Holstein. Moreover

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