Olpe: Scuola San Francesco – thousands of euros for projects

The school support association of the St. Franziskus school in Olpe has 40,000 euros available this year. What is the money for?

A school support association aims to organize and shape schools as an educational place and aspects of daily school life on a voluntary basis. Here’s how it is al School of San FrancescoOlpe, founded in 1870 by the Sisters of the Congregation of Poor Franciscan Sisters Founded. Since 1969 there has been a support association for friends and alumni at the state private school recognized with a branch of elementary school and middle school and its more than 1,000 students today. The association has 714 members. They are former students and friends of the school, as well as parents of current students. The association then met for the general assembly. In addition to the council elections (see below), distribution of funds was on the agenda. Overall for this year the majestic figure of around 40,000 euros.

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“School is more than grades. It is about supporting and maintaining the profile of our school and the Franciscan idea of ​​being together and caring for each other and designing our school in such a way that young people can learn in an open, caring and grateful way, “says Christiane. Reißner-Reichling, president of the association since 2013. He still remembers well his first project: the purchase of microscopes for about 35,000 euros. For about 30 years, students have been experimenting on old ones, magnifying objects and observing them, so it was urgent to acquire of new modern equipment. “This was only possible with the support of many people. A large and exciting project”, Reißner-Reichling looks back. An exemplary project last year was the school weather station. The data can be called up. at any time through the blackboards, every class has them. “In terms of subject matter, an excellent thing. Especially in times of climate change, “says Reißner-Reichling.

Donations from people, institutions and companies

So this year we can budget 40,000 euros. The money comes from the association’s membership fees, 15 euros per year and can be increased at will, which ultimately translates into a current volume of contributions of around 17,000 euros. In addition, donations from people, institutions and companies that feel connected to the school and the income from the canteen, which is maintained by the association as an economic activity and supported by the voluntary help of parents.

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In 2022, the largest sum of 8,000 euros will benefit the “Franciscans against anti-Semitism and racism” project, in which the entire school community will participate. With workshops and series of conferences, visits to museums and stumbling blocks, churches and synagogues. “During the project week, students should be reminded of the past and – also regarding current developments in Ukraine – should be educated on how important it is to keep the peace and meet people in a friendly and open way, respect them and take responsibility. responsibility ”, says Reißner-Reichling.

Fewer and fewer have a good feeling

The association supports various purchases for the student music council with 7,000 euros. Including half a set of keyboards (15 in total) including headphones. “Fewer and fewer children and young people learn an instrument, fewer and fewer are able to hear it well. We can counteract it “, explains Reißner-Reichling. About 2,300 euros go into the purchase of 30 wave boards in order to adequately carry out the” glide, drive, roll “range of motion, which must be anchored to the secondary school and is associated with a high level of requests from students Additional funding will benefit the departments of literature and physics.

And then there is the school volume, which is published free for association members and sometimes even sent to America. Costs per year: around 6000 euros. The school volume emerged from the magazine “Vom gladen Werk”, which was created as a magazine by former students after the first Abitur in 1934, who finally united to form an association: the forerunner of today’s association. Since 1988, the work is called “School Volume”, an extensive book in which they say their alumni, friends and sponsors, as well as current students and teachers. “The school tape is another great project that we can be very proud of. It is a mirror of the history of our school that connects people – hence the name, ”explains Reißner-Reichling.

The edge

The board of directors of the Scuola degli Amici di San Francesco – among other things, they are all students of the school – is composed as follows:

  • is president Christiane Reissner-Reichling
  • Vice president William Meta
  • he is secretary Stephan Schmelzer
  • Treasurer is Suzanne Schmidt
  • Act as assessor Steffi Burger And Steffi Hunold.

Scheduled concerts

  • The summer concert will take place on June 19, 2022.
  • The Andex partyon a 150th anniversary of the school it was planned and was to be canceled due to Corona, it will take place in September 2022. Date to be announced.

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