War against Ukraine: ++ Municipalities push on the issue of costs ++

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Status: 03/18/2022 04:56

Municipalities are pushing for rapid financial clarity for housing and refugee care. According to Ukrainian information, the armed forces continue to hold the most important areas of the country.


Zelenskyy: the Ukrainian army continues to hold key areas

According to Ukrainian sources, more than three weeks after the start of the Russian war of aggression, the armed forces continue to garrison the main areas where the Russian army is trying to advance. The troops also responded to any attacks by Russian units, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a video message. He thanked US President Joe Biden for his “new and effective” help — and asked for his understanding that he couldn’t reveal all the details of the US support package. It is part of the tactic that “the enemy does not know what to expect from us”.


Unclear situation after the attack on the theater

After the attack on a theater in the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol, where dozens of people had taken refuge, conflicting statements about rescue attempts are reported.

Several news outlets reported that the search for survivors was continuing. On the other hand, a Ukrainian MP said there was concern that after the ongoing bombing by Russian troops, there was no one left who could save people there. Fights have also been reported from other parts of Ukraine.


Construction sector: insufficient material for construction sites

The construction industry in Germany is grappling with growing uncertainties due to the war in Ukraine. Deliveries of major products such as screws and nails would no longer arrive in Germany due to the sanctions, said Tim Oliver Müller, general manager of the Main Association of the German Construction Industry (HDB), the Funke media group newspapers (Friday).

“We cannot say for sure today whether there will be enough material for all construction sites in Germany.” He can no longer confidently rule out a construction halt for a large number of projects, Müller said. “Rather, we should already be asking ourselves which projects we have to stop and which we cannot do without.” The construction industry is already in contact with the boards of major clients such as Deutsche Bahn or Autobahn GmbH. Another problem is the price increases of important raw materials such as steel, bitumen or aluminum.

“In some cases, prices are only guaranteed on an hourly basis,” Müller said. “It is therefore impossible to calculate and submit bids as we have done so far.” In the existing contracts, however, the companies could not pass on the price increases and were therefore left with the additional costs.


Steinmeier: The war in Ukraine is a reminder for Western democracies

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier sees the war in Ukraine as a warning to all Western democracies. “When we see at the same time how much Ukrainians are fighting for democracy and freedom in their homeland, this also reminds us: these results are never guaranteed forever,” Steinmeier told news portal t-online.

“Democracy requires commitment. It must also be worth something to us in our country,” said Steinmeier. It should not be reduced to a matter of parliaments and governments. “We will only have democracy if society really wants it,” said the federal president.

Steinmeier said of Ukrainian refugees: “We feel great sympathy for the people and outrage that Russia is threatening so many of them and pushing them to flee. But we are also aware that the solidarity we are showing now is not an issue. two or three weeks, but it needs stamina. ”


Paypal expands its services

PayPal is expanding its services to allow Ukrainian citizens and refugees to receive payments from abroad. According to Dan Schulman, the company’s CEO, in a letter to Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukrainians will be able to transfer funds from their PayPal accounts to eligible credit and debit cards.

PayPal has suspended fees for these transactions until June 30th. This is designed to allow all Ukrainians to receive money from friends and family in the United States and elsewhere and could also be used for government welfare transfers in the future.


Selensky: Russian troops recruit mercenaries

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in his daily video speech about foreign fighters who is said to have recruited the Russian army: “We have information that the Russian military is recruiting mercenaries from different countries. They are trying to deceive as many young people as possible. recruits to join their ranks. ” Zelenskyy warns against joining the Russians, saying it is better to live a long life than to take money, which is only offered for a short time.

parties to the conflict as a source

Information on the progress of the war, bombings and casualties provided by the official bodies of the Russian and Ukrainian parties to the conflict cannot be directly checked by an independent body in the current situation.


Japan: sanctions against individuals and organizations

Japan plans to impose further sanctions on 15 Russian individuals and nine organizations. This should also include state-owned arms exporter Rosoboronexport.

Australia imposes further sanctions on the Russian Finance Ministry and eleven other banks and government organizations. “With the recent involvement of the Russian Central Bank, Australia has now targeted all Russian government agencies responsible for issuing and servicing Russian sovereign debt,” said Secretary of State Marise Payne.


Russia: currently no vote on the Ukrainian resolution

For the time being, Russia will not vote on its draft resolution on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine in the UN Security Council. The United States and Albania pressured other members to oppose the resolution, Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebensia said. However, he stressed that Russia will not withdraw its draft resolution.

The United States, France and Great Britain could veto the resolution if there was a majority in favor. Western states have criticized the Russian draft for failing to mention responsibility for the war unleashed by Russia. Nebensia announced that Russia will return to its allegations of US biological laboratories in Ukraine during Friday’s Security Council meeting. For this purpose, new documents will be presented.


Attacks in Chernihiv in northern Ukraine

According to Ukrainian sources, Russian troops are continuing a partial blockade and attacks on the northern city of Chernihiv. This was announced by the Ukrainian army general staff in its report on the military situation published daily on Facebook on Friday evening. The bombardment is then carried out by artillery.

The city of Chernihiv, close to the borders with Russia and Belarus and has about 300,000 inhabitants, has been the target of Russian attacks since the beginning of the war. The humanitarian situation is considered catastrophic, many buildings have been destroyed. On Thursday alone, local authorities reported more than 50 deaths in the city in 24 hours.

In the area of ​​the Kiev suburb of Brovary, positions of the Ukrainian army are also regularly under artillery fire, the report from the general staff said. In the south of the country, Russian units continued to try to track down and destroy the air defense system along the Black Sea coast. Elsewhere, Russian units focused mainly on securing their territory gains and preparing further offensives. .


Municipalities criticize the decisions of the federal state

German municipalities criticized the decisions of the Conference of Prime Ministers (MPK) on the treatment of Ukrainian war refugees as insufficient. “Given the great commitment and overwhelming solidarity of citizens in the municipalities, we expect a clear commitment from the federal government to take on the funding for housing, care and integration,” said the director general of the association. German of cities and municipalities, Gerd Landsberg, of the “Rhine Post Office” in Düsseldorf.

Landsberg warned that “support and simplification of procedures for the registration and distribution” of war refugees is also needed. Federal and state government resolutions on Thursday “still do not meet these requirements.”

The head of the Association of Municipalities spoke in favor of setting up a committee of experts at federal level to be able to “continuously assess the situation regarding assistance to refugees and make the necessary adjustments quickly”.

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