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The charm of the island lies in its originality: while Mallorca and Ibiza have everything ready for tourists, Menorca is more modest. Package tourism has not yet taken over the island. The Menorcan people always observed what was happening on the neighboring islands.

As more and more stretches of coast were built there with hotel complexes, they decided to do things differently. So there is no built beach, but unspoiled natural landscapes. We will tell you which highlights await you in Menorca.


The capital of the island, Mahón, is located in the western part of Menorca. Maó, as it is called in Catalan, has been the capital of Menorca since 1722. Around 29,000 people live here. It is worth taking a day trip on vacation, because the city is extremely diverse. The island’s bus network is well developed, so you can easily reach the cities from any holiday resort.

A must see: the capital of the island Mahón in the eastern part of Menorca.

Whether it’s the picturesque old town with its Art Nouveau buildings, the gigantic harbor with the lively promenade or the restaurants or shops – there is a lot to discover! The most beautiful street is Carrer Isabel II with countless whitewashed houses. Here you can take particularly beautiful photos. If you are interested in culture, it is worth visiting the Església de Santa Maria church, famous for its organ, or the “Museo de Menorca”, where you can see the largest collection of history and archeology in Menorca.

The port of Mahón

A superlative of the island is right in the capital of the island: the port of Mahón is the largest natural harbor in the Mediterranean and after Sydney the largest in the world! The fjord is gigantic: it is 5.5 kilometers long and up to 1.2 kilometers wide!

The port of Mahón is 5.5 kilometers long and up to 1.2 kilometers wide.

It is worth taking a tour of the harbor to explore the entire harbor area and the fjord in all its glory. Then you go on the water first along the background of the city and then between islands, fortresses and small villages. There are several providers for a harbor tour, for example “Yellow Catamarans”. If you buy your tickets online in advance, you save time and don’t have to queue.


Mahón’s counterpart is Ciutadella in the western part of the island. Both cities share a loving rivalry, due to the island’s history. Because Ciutadella was the capital of Menorca until the 18th century. What both cities have in common are many remnants of the British colonial era.

Ciutadella is the second largest city in Menorca and is located in the western part of the island.

The main attractions of Ciutadella are the Gothic-style Cathedral of Santa Maria de Menorca, the Episcopal Palace, the Augustinian Monastery and the Església des Socors, known as the most beautiful Renaissance church on the island.

The heart of the city is the Plaça des Born and the town hall. All around you can stroll among noble palaces and fortresses and stroll through small alleys lined with bars, restaurants and boutiques.

Es Castell

Traces of British colonialism can be found all over the island, but one village in particular stands out. Es Castell was even named Georgetown in honor of George III. from England. Today you stroll through Arms Square with the English barracks and past the Town Hall, painted in the typical British red, and admire Fort Marlborough, an 18th century English fortress, in the bay of Sant Esteve.

In Es Castell there are many traces of the British colonial era.

But there is another reason why you should definitely come to Es Castell. The country is located in the easternmost part of the island and therefore of Spain and is therefore the first place in the country where the sun rises. Early risers experience a spectacular sunrise over the sea!

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Monte Toro

As everywhere in the world, the same goes for Menorca: the best view is at the top. That is why a trip to Monte Toro is worthwhile. Although the mountain is only 357 meters high, it is still the highest peak on the island – and the panoramic view is truly impressive!

With its 357 meters, Monte Toro is the highest point on the island.

It rises from Es Mercadal via a winding road. On the summit stands a former Augustinian monastery whitewashed, and there is also the restaurant “Sa Posada del Toro” with a large terrace where you can have a drink and enjoy the view.

S’Abulfera Natural Park

Menorca has a great protagonist: nature. That is why the island was declared a biosphere reserve by Unesco in 1993. In the north-east you will experience lush nature in the S’Abulfera des Grau Natural Park. It is a protected area of ​​about 5100 hectares, characterized by different ecosystems.

In the north-east of Menorca is the S’Abulfera des Grau Natural Park.

The nature park is incredibly diverse with landscapes ranging from sand dunes to wetlands. The Saline are a paradise for bird watchers. Hundreds of migratory and native bird species live here. On site you can also go hiking, cycling or swimming on Es Grau beach, rent kayaks or a SUP board.