Immenstaad: Three design variants for the Stephan Brodmann school: decision in May

For years, the redevelopment or new construction of the Immenstaad Primary School and a new party hall have been high on the community’s wish list. In an information event, the municipality presented three drafts for possible locations.

The first draft is based on the winning draft of the town planning competition six years ago. Subsequently, the primary school should be renovated and expanded in its old location and a party hall and a sports hall should also be built in the village. Another draft calls for a complete relocation of the school and classrooms to a location north of B 31, although this has not yet been determined. The third so-called “hybrid variant” includes a refurbishment of the old main school building and the Linzgauhalle, as well as the construction of a new hall in the surrounding area.

Mayor Henne: “It’s about where the school works best”

Mayor Johannes Henne called the issue of location one of the central issues of community development: “It is about where the school works best, what makes sense in terms of urban development, how we can best progress and how we can finance all of this” . The community checked the traffic situation, asked about the needs of the school, parents and clubs and thought about noise protection. The location analysis was carried out by the architectural firm Ailinger Hildebrand und Schwarz.

Uwe Schwarz presented the different variants for the planning office.

Uwe Schwarz presented the different variants for the planning office. | Image: Corinna Raupach

Uwe Schwarz presented the variants with their advantages and disadvantages. First he showed the project with which the office was successful in the 2016 competition: all the structures remain in place. For the elementary school, the old elementary school will be renovated and slightly enlarged, and the two classrooms, mostly underground, will be built in the immediate vicinity. “The big advantage of this project was that the residents would not be faced with a tall building,” Schwarz said.

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Requirements relating to daily operation: the extension of the old building is no longer sufficient

However, in the years that have passed since the drafting of the project, the demographic evolution and the demands placed on a primary school have changed, even in terms of daily operations, and the extension of the old building is no longer sufficient. Therefore, the revised variant of the project foresees the extension of the elementary school on the site of its school yard. “The advantage of this variant is that all the land is already municipal property,” Schwarz said. The disadvantages included the high costs, the unfavorable traffic situation and the lack of expansion options.

Four location options north of the main road: the municipality should first buy land here

Another option is to build a new school and classrooms north of the B 31. There are four possible locations for this: to the right and left of the road to Kippenhausen, opposite the Spiegelberg skyscrapers or near the settlement. This is supported by the fact that the municipality would get completely new facilities if construction was done during normal operation and would get development opportunities in the village. On the other hand, the fact that the municipality would first have to buy the land and the costs are difficult to calculate, as well as the high land consumption, which also hinders the protection of the landscape, speak against it.

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The variant previously favored by the city council provides for restructuring on site and new construction outside

The third variant, so far favored by the city council, therefore involves the renovation of the old building of the main school and the Linzgauhalle and only the construction of the second room outside. The renovation of the school and Linzgauhalle can be carried out relatively quickly, the old substance can continue to be used and the school will remain in the village. However, the municipality should also buy land here and plan a long planning period for construction in the outdoor area.

In the discussion that followed, some Immenstaaders intervened. Edwin Brügel suggested building the new hall in the village as well, thus taking into account the protection of the landscape. “There is actually enough space with the parking in front of the Linzgauhalle,” said Brügel. A member of the volunteer fire brigade retorted that the firefighters needed parking for their businesses and as a parking space for the emergency services.

After the presentations, there was an opportunity to take a closer look at the projects.  The different variants were displayed on partitions ...

After the presentations, there was an opportunity to take a closer look at the projects. The different variants were displayed on dividing walls. The exhibit will be on display at the town hall for two good weeks. | Image: Corinna Raupach

Rector Burkhard Zapkau: “Walking on bridge B-31 with children is not possible”

The rector of the Stephan Brodmann School, Burkhard Zapkau, liked the idea of ​​leaving the school in the city. “Short legs, short distances. You can’t cross bridge B-31 with children, “he said. Children shouldn’t even have to walk to the sports hall for school sports. Marco Rück asked what the hybrid variant of the old school building should become It will remain in effect and may be used for school, club or adult education purposes, Henne said.

Mayor Johannes Henne invited citizens to participate.

Mayor Johannes Henne invited citizens to participate. | Image: Corinna Raupach

Ulrike Huber wanted to know if the renovation of the old main school building was enough to create classrooms for modern pedagogy. Architect Uwe Schwarz explained that buildings from this construction period can be redesigned relatively well, they could be reduced to their skeleton: “Then it just depends on how brave the builder is and how brave the user is. Much is possible. , but we must travel this path together ”.

Until April 3, Immenstaaders can make further suggestions and criticisms via a survey, by letter or by email. At its May meeting, the city council will decide on the future location of the school and the rooms. “Nothing has been decided yet,” said Mayor Johannes Henne.

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