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Federal police have so far counted more than 200,000 refugees from Ukraine in Germany. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy calls on Russia to seriously negotiate a ceasefire. Current news at a glance.

More than three million people have been displaced from Ukraine by the war. The number of war refugees counted in Germany has passed the 200,000 mark. To date, the federal police have registered 207,742 people. Since there are no fixed border controls, the number should actually be much higher, as announced by the Federal Interior Ministry. The German Association of Cities has asked refugees to have access to the social benefit system of Book II of the Social Code, which applies to the unemployed. City council chairman Markus Lewe told Funke newspapers that refugees should also be included in the health insurance system in the future and that they currently only have rudimentary health protection. “This is because they receive help under the Asylum Seeker Benefits Act,” said the mayor of Münster. The Association of German Teachers has asked for quick help for the education of refugee children.

AUDIO: Ukrainian refugees in Poland worried about their homeland (3 min)

Ukrainian In a video message, President Zelenskyy urged Russia to engage in serious and honest talks. The territorial integrity of Ukraine must be restored. Otherwise, Russia will suffer losses that will take generations to absorb. Negotiations are currently underway between Ukraine and Russia on a ceasefire, but so far they have not led to any results. For the latest news on combat operations in Ukraine and international diplomacy, go to Live blog at

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The Chinese flag next to the Russian flag.  © Picture Alliance / Zoonar |  Leonid Altman Photo: Zoonar |  Leonid Altman

The Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister attributes some responsibility to you for the Russian attack on Ukraine. More information at external

Guide: Helping refugees from Ukraine

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Helpers pack medicines and other supplies from a volunteer fire truck.  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Julian Stratenschulte

The willingness to help those affected by the war is great. What needs to be considered? offers an overview. Moreover

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A young man on a bicycle balances a wooden tray full of freshly baked bread on his head in the busy traffic of Cairo.  © dpa picture alliance Photo: Matthias Toedt

5 minutes

The most populous country in the Arab world imports large quantities of wheat from Russia and Ukraine – and these imports have faltered. 5 minutes

Robert Habeck, Federal Minister of Economy and Climate Protection, speaks to the military section of Berlin Brandenburg Airport before his departure for Doha (Qatar).  © dpa-Bildfunk

4 min

Economy Minister Robert Habeck wants to negotiate gas supplies to Qatar to make Germany more independent from Russia. 4 min

Andrij Melnyk |  Image: Embassy of Ukraine in Germany © Embassy of Ukraine in Germany Photo: Embassy of Ukraine in Germany

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The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany is deliberately provocative to draw attention to the dramatic situation in his country. This meets understanding, but also criticism. 4 min

Professor Christian Stöcker, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences © NDR Photo: Screenshot

8 min

Christian Stöcker, Professor of Digital Communication, on fake news during the war and on the media tools used by Ukraine and Russia. 8 min

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Waiting for refugees from Ukraine.  © screenshot

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500 had arrived instead of the 220 expected. The suspicion: the buses wanted to go to Friedland near Göttingen. 2 minutes

Dinner with Ukrainian guests.  © screenshot

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85-year-old Wolfgang Grenz has awakened his memories. He spontaneously cleared a room. 3 minutes

Volunteering with vans for Ukrainians in wheelchairs.  © screenshot

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The Drachensee Foundation left Kiel with an aid convoy to gather 270 people from the Ukrainian border. 2 minutes

People load relief supplies onto a truck bound for Ukraine.

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In Halstenbek, volunteers load vans with medical products from the Schleswig-Holstein University Hospital for Ukraine. 2 minutes

War reports in Ukraine from Northern Germany:

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A Red Cross employee helps a young Ukrainian woman find a connection.  © dpa Photo: Ole Spata

Many reach the reception point of the Hanover Fair first. Then? Where can private accommodation be offered? Moreover

Erwin Sellering (SPD), the former prime minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and president of the new MV Climate and Environmental Protection Foundation, answers questions at a press conference.  © picture alliance / dpa / dpa-Zentralbild |  Jens Büttner Photo: picture alliance / dpa / dpa-Zentralbild |  Jens Buttner

The state parliament and state government are tightening their course against the controversial climate foundation. A legal opinion should now clarify the matter. Moreover

Prime Minister Daniel Günther and Interior Minister Sabine Sütterlin-Waack visit the state housing in Boostedt.  Photo: Frank Molter

Together they wanted to get an idea of ​​the situation of the Ukrainian refugees. Moreover

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Verdi) during a visit to a shelter for refugees in Moldova.  © dpa bildfunk Photo: Michael Kappeler

The foreign minister is expected on Sunday afternoon. Visit the people who fled the war in Ukraine. Moreover

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The war in Ukraine affects many people. What strategies help when fear becomes overwhelming? Moreover

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