These are the most spectacular cable cars in the world

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With a jolt, the gondola begins to move and glides on thick wire ropes. Those who don’t have a head for heights or are afraid of heights prefer to keep their distance from the cable cars, but for everyone else, a gondola ride can literally be the highlight of a trip.

Cable cars not only transport you from A to B, but also allow you to enjoy beautiful places and landscapes in a relaxed way. At dizzying heights you can soar above a volcano in the south, see the Northern Lights in the north or go on a very special safari in the middle of Europe.

We introduce you to the seven most exciting cable cars in the world.

Topless: The Stanserhorn Bahn in Switzerland

A ride on the Stanserhorn cable car in the Swiss canton of Nidwalden takes you on a little journey through the history of cable cars. From the village of Stans the open wooden cabins of the nostalgic funicular from 1893 lead to the valley station of Kälti.

From there, the world’s first open double-decker cable car, aptly named “CabriO”, takes you to the top of the Stanserhorn. Unlike the classic cable cars, the two cabriolet cabins are not suspended below, but between two cables.

The world’s first cable car with an open upper bridge leads to the Stanserhorn.

Without the ropes over your head, you can breathe in the mountain air on the open upper deck and watch the groundhogs. In good weather you also have a panoramic view of ten lakes and the Alps.

Below sea level in Jericho

No, the Jericho Cable Car does not travel underwater. However, the 1.3 kilometer train leaves from the lowest city in the world: Jericho is located on the Jordan at minus 260 meters above sea level. This makes the cable car the longest that runs completely below sea level.

Jericho Cable Car on the Mount of Temptation, West Bank, Palestine Palestine, West Bank, Jericho, Editorial Use Only PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY CRNWDK191022D-216596-01 imago images / Cavan Images

In twelve gondolas, each for eight people, he takes visitors to the Qarantal Monastery on the Mount of Temptation. You will pass over the Tell es-Sultan excavation site.

The carrying cable must be stopped for entering and exiting. That’s why the other gondolas stop as they ride freely high above the valley.

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High on the Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro

A company from Cologne built the famous cable car in Rio de Janeiro in 1912. Since then, gondolas have floated from the “red beach”, Praia Vermelha, on Morro da Urca to Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro.

While the first gondolas carried 16 passengers at seven kilometers per hour, today they carry 65 people at 31 kilometers per hour. From the summit you have a breathtaking view over the bays of Rio to Copacabana.

When he’s not hiding in the clouds, you’ll also see the famous Christ the Redeemer statue atop Corcovado from there.

View from the Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro.