War in Ukraine in the ticker: hypersonic missile “Kinzhal” used in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine on the news: Russian Ministry: hypersonic missile “Kinzhal” used for the first time in Ukraine

War has raged in Europe since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an attack on Ukraine. Russia claims to have used a hypersonic missile in Ukraine. Additionally, the invading army is said to have evacuated an airbase at Kherson Airport. You can find all the news about the attack on Ukraine in the ticker.

The most important thing about the war in Ukraine

8:40 am: Russian Defense Ministry: hypersonic missile deployed in Ukraine

5:12: United States Secretary of Defense: Russians are making military mistakes

3:41 am: Heavy fighting at the airport near Cherson

21:34: Russia is building earthworks northwest of Kiev

Ukraine: Saturday ten corridors of escape for the harassed population

10:58: According to the Kiev leadership, ten escape corridors have been set up for the harassed civilian population in the war zones of Ukraine. One leads from the city of Mariupol, which has been particularly hard-fought for days, in the south to the city of Zaporizhia, Deputy Prime Minister Irina Wereshchuk said. Refugees would be picked up by buses at Berdyansk intermediate station and aid delivered there as well.

Four corridors led to the city of Bakhmut from the disputed Luhansk region in the east of the country, Vereshchuk said in a video. Other escape routes have been set up from villages and cities around the capital, Kiev. The routes are announced again for each day.

Ukraine reports: Mariupol steel mills destroyed in fighting

9:35 am: The Azovstal steel plant in the Ukrainian port of Mariupol was destroyed. This was announced on Saturday by Vadym Denysenko, adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry. According to him, Ukrainian and Russian forces fought for the steel mill, which is one of the largest in Europe. “We have lost this economic giant,” Denysenko would have said.

Russian Defense Ministry: Kinzhal hypersonic missile deployed in Ukraine

8:40: According to information from Moscow, the Russian air force destroyed a missile arsenal in the Ivano-Frankivsk region in its war against Ukraine with the hypersonic missile “Kinshal” (Dagger). The underground ammunition depot of the Ukrainian Air Force in Delyatyn, in southwestern Ukraine, was destroyed on Friday by the ballistic missile. The spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konoshenkov said Saturday. Two military reconnaissance bases were destroyed in the Odessa region on the Black Sea. Unable to verify information.

It is the first time since the beginning of the war that Russia has reported the use of its new Kinzhal air-to-surface ballistic missile. It was the first ever use in combat, it was said. So far, the weapons have been mainly used during maneuvers, the last a few days before the invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24.

The “Kinzhal” missiles are launched by MiF-31 fighters. According to Russian information, they can hit targets at a distance of up to 2,000 kilometers, bypassing all air defense systems. Hypersonic missiles exceed the speed of sound by several times and fly at more than three kilometers per second.

Report: Russia clears airbase at Kherson airport

08:22: Russia is said to have evacuated its forward airbase at Kherson International Airport. This was reported, among others, by the Finnish journalist Petri Mäkelä.

Apparently, the reason is that Ukraine managed to destroy the headquarters of the Russian army corps around Kherson, which was established there. This is said to be a huge aid to counterattacks and a planned recapture of the city.

In the war in Ukraine, Kiev becomes the most polluted city in the world in terms of CO2

08.01: Kiev is the most polluted city in terms of CO2 concentration in the air according to the World Health Organization (WHO) air quality report of March 19. The last value measured in Kiev is 27.8 times higher than the one recommended by the WHO. The city administration advises people not to open the windows

The Ukrainian army claims to have destroyed another group of Russian helicopters

07.20: The Ukrainian army reported destroying another group of Russian military helicopters early Saturday morning. It is said to be the sixth attack in recent weeks against Russian helicopters at Chernobayevka airport.

According to reports, the Russian military continues to transport helicopters there, which are then easily destroyed.

US Defense Secretary: Russians commit military mistakes

05.12: According to US Defense Secretary Austin, the Russian military made tactical mistakes in the war in Ukraine. There has been a “series of missteps,” Austin said in an interview with US broadcaster CNN on Friday during his trip to Bulgaria. The Russian military has suffered setbacks in Ukraine. “They figured they would move fast and take the capital very quickly, but they weren’t able to,” Austin said. Furthermore, the Russians did not use tactical intelligence well. The Pentagon has repeatedly stated that the Russian military is making little progress in Ukraine.

Heavy fighting at Cherson Airport

Saturday 19 March, 3:41 am: Chernobayevka airport near Cherson in southern Ukraine is still the focus of fierce fighting, according to the Ukrainian report. “We met them there again,” wrote Oleksiy Arestovich, adviser to the head of the office of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, on Facebook early Saturday morning, referring to Russian troops. The Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked the Russian army for the sixth time at this airport and inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy there. In a series of local counterattacks and combat drone strikes, several dozen Russian combat helicopters and, more recently, a command post with high-ranking officers have been destroyed since the end of February. This information cannot be independently verified.

Satellite imagery: Russia is building embankments to protect military positions northwest of Kiev

21:34: The Russian army allegedly built earthworks around its military bases northwest of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. This is according to analysis and satellite images from Maxar Technologies available on CNN.

The new satellite images show earth walls around Russian military technology near Ozera and Antonov Air Base. Other Russian military equipment and some ramparts can also be seen further northwest in the villages of Zdvyzhivka and Berestyanka.

Mayor: The fighting in Mariupol reaches the city center

20:42: According to a report by British BBC journalist Hugo Bochenga, fighting has reached the heavily mistreated city center of Mariupol. As the mayor of the city, Vadim Boichenko said, the Russians “were very active today”. Civilians are hiding in bunkers, outside there have been battles with “tanks and machine guns”.

The mayor’s statements coincide with communications from the Russian side, which announced the advance towards the city center.

Ukrainian army: main attack routes on Kiev blocked, 100 saboteurs eliminated

19:38: The Ukrainian Armed Forces gave a positive assessment of their defense of Kiev, saying that Russia’s two main offensive routes to the capital have been blocked. This was reported by the US broadcaster CNN, citing Deputy Chief of Staff Oleksandr Hruzevych.

The Russian forces could then be stopped on both banks of the Dnipro River, which divides the city from north to south. “To date the enemy is stationary at a distance of almost 70 kilometers from the right bank of the city, so bombing – with the exception of rockets – is no longer possible. The advance on the left bank has also been stopped. The enemy is cynically firing at our infrastructure. [Aber] the main avenues of attack are blocked, “he said on Friday.

In addition, an air defense system is in operation around Kiev. But Hrushevych admitted that the missiles intercepted on the city continued to pose a threat. People were reportedly injured by the falling bullets and one person was killed on Friday morning.

Hruzevych also said that a measure to eliminate the threat of saboteurs in the capital has already led to the elimination of more than 100 people.

Municipality: 222 people killed in Kiev since the beginning of the Russian invasion

17:16: According to local authorities, 222 people have been killed in the capital Kiev since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine three weeks ago. Among the victims were 56 civilians, including four children, as announced on Friday by the city administration. Since the war began on February 24, 889 people have been injured, including 241 civilians. According to information, 18 children, three ambulance drivers and an emergency doctor remained among the injured.

The city government also reported 36 damaged residential buildings and 10 damaged schools. Russian troops want to encircle Kiev and have already taken control of some areas around the capital. According to the Ukrainian army, their advance has stalled.

Zelenskyy: Hundreds still under the rubble in Mariupol

16:52: Two days after the heavy shelling of a theater in the besieged Ukrainian port of Mariupol, hundreds of people are still buried under the rubble, according to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. In a video message from Kiev on Friday, the head of state assured: “Despite the bombing, despite all the difficulties, we will continue the rescue work.” On Thursday 130 people were rescued alive from the building.

There is little information on the fate of the buried. Congressman Serhiy Taruta wrote on Facebook that it was still unclear how many people had been injured or killed. Rescuers and rescuers also suffered attacks. “Many doctors have been killed.” According to Ukrainian sources, the building was largely destroyed by targeted Russian bombing. Russia blames Ukrainian nationalists.

Klitschko: one dead and one wounded in an attack in a residential area of ​​Kiev

14:11: According to Mayor Vitali Klitschko, one person was killed and 19 injured in an attack on a residential area in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. Four children were injured in the Podil district, Klitschko said Friday in a video he posted on Telegram. Russian troops fired on houses, kindergartens and a school. It was not initially possible to independently verify this information.

The deputy head of the municipal administration, Mykola Povorosnyk, spoke of a “chaotic bombing” of several residential areas. More than 220 people, including 60 civilians, have died in Kiev since the Russian attack began more than three weeks ago. On Thursday, one person was killed and several injured in eastern Kiev when debris from an intercepted rocket hit a skyscraper, according to authorities. Ukraine accuses Russia of targeting civilians. Moscow denies it.

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