Boy rejected in school, mom “prayed” for the remaining place – Vienna

Anton (9) was rejected in his dream school for “lack of closeness to home”. After “Today”-Request that there is a place for him after all.

February is a time of uncertainty for many parents due to the deadline for school enrollments. This year it took place in Vienna from 21 to 25 February. But registration alone isn’t enough – it’s only a week or two later that it’s clear whether your child will actually get a job. Those who are rejected are often faced with an almost impossible task.

This is what happened to Martina M .: at the end of February she reported her son Anton (9, all the names have changed) at Lower Gasse High School (Simmering). On 3 March, Ms M. then received written notification that Anton had been rejected. The next day, the mother asked the school administration why she refused. “The principal explained that it was due to the lack of proximity to the place where we lived. It’s completely absurd, we live just a 15-minute walk from the school,” says Martina M. “Today”.

Parents of rejected students must “beg for the remaining places”

Since enrollment is only possible for one school and the chosen school does not accept Anton, Ms S. is now desperate for an alternative. “I thought if you failed a school, you would be expelled from the nearest school,” says the desperate mom, “but instead you are simply turned away and have to beg for the remaining places in the schools.”

According to information from the Vienna Directorate of Education, “proximity to place of residence” is a relative dimension and depends on how many children and which addresses have been registered for a school. “Proximity to place of residence” does not only refer to geographic proximity, but also includes whether another AHS is easier to reach or how safe it is to reach the school.

Expensive private schools or schools in other counties as an alternative

But in Anton’s case, this doesn’t make sense. Because the schools you have chosen to lead are schools in other districts or private schools that are not within the reach of the single mother. And each of the proposed public high schools is more than 30 minutes away by various means of public transport. And since not only Martina M. seeks a “stay” for her child, the offer is getting smaller and smaller and the radius, that is the distance from the school to the place of residence, widens.

In this context, Ms M. is particularly annoyed that the neighbors’ children have apparently got a place on Gernergasse without any problems, even though some of them live even further away than Anton. “I think this approach is highly questionable and just not reasonable for a 9-year-old when there are two high schools within walking distance. It would take him nearly as long to get to public transport as it would for high school in the lower street.” explains Martina M.

After “Today”-Request space for Anton now

“Today” asked the Vienna Directorate of Education. The decision to accept or reject students in a school location is in the hands of the respective management, but there has been good news from the education management. “We would like to announce that the lower street student was in a DLP class (Dual language programs, i.e. bilingual classes, note.) it has been registered”.

Furthermore, the statement emphasizes that the education department “always tries” to make the desired school possible. However, this requires a lot of discussion and not all first “wishes” can always be granted. “Where the desired school is not possible (for various reasons), a very committed and service-oriented team works in the Vienna Education Directorate and offers new advice,” he continues. In most cases, the second “wish” can be considered.

Mama Martina appears in front “Today” Relieved: “I got a call from the school administration. I was offered a place in an English class for Anton, for whom he only had to take an aptitude test.” The class search went well for Anton, but Ms. M. still requires a change in the system. “In Simmering alone, so many children are rejected that a whole school could be filled with them,” she criticizes her.

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