Commercial vehicle fleets are having a tough year / sourcing and financing concepts on the test bed

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The continuing turmoil in the automotive market is putting fleet managers in difficulty. There is a shortage of vehicles and costs are rising. Learning from the crisis means testing procurement and financing concepts, says Majk Strika, managing director of fleet management company ARI Fleet Germany GmbH, a German subsidiary of the global Holman group, specializing in automotive services.

Many commercial fleets were in trouble. According to the Association of the Automobile Industry, about 10% fewer cars were registered in Germany in 2021 than in 2020. In December, the downward trend accelerated again with a decrease of 22% compared to the same month in December. Last year. Production losses due to bottlenecks in semiconductor supply are the main culprits for this. The situation is not expected to ease before late autumn.

The ordered vehicles are currently not delivered, which means that the leasing contracts are expected to be extended. Mostly this happens tacitly according to paragraph 545 BGB. In this case, a contract will be continued under the previous conditions. The rates remained the same, although in some cases they should have been significantly lower due to the loss in value. Many fleet managers did not expect such a development and therefore failed to negotiate adjustment options in contracts. The first lessors are now even demanding the return of their vehicles. Renting a car as an interim solution is also not a good option at the moment, as the shortage is having an impact here too. Strika: “The contractual chains and the lack of alternatives make the budget explode”.

However, fleet operators are not helpless in the face of this expensive seller market. You could counter this by grouping purchase volumes, for example by partnering with vehicle fleet management companies independent of manufacturers and banks. Furthermore, leasing offers the possibility of concluding so-called “open” leasing contracts based on the ARI FlexLease model. There are no mileage or run time limits for these. At the height of the pandemic, fleets could have replaced contracts and thus reduced their stock. Now that there is a shortage of vehicles, they can continue to drive them without any problems. In addition, new planning perspectives have opened up. “Such flexible contracts allow for a smooth and needs-based conversion of the fleet to alternate units without the pressure of time,” says Strika.

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The Holman name has been synonymous with world-class automotive services for three generations. The group of companies, based in Mount Laurel, New Jersey (USA), grew out of an automobile dealership founded in 1924. It is now one of the largest family-owned dealership groups in the United States. Other business areas are motor vehicle financing, motor vehicle insurance, auto parts trading, commercial vehicle equipment and fleet management and leasing. The Holman Group has approximately 7,000 employees worldwide.

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About ARI

Headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey (USA), ARI (est. 1948) is the largest family-owned fleet management and leasing company in the world and is part of the Holman group, which specializes in automotive services. ARI deals with over two million vehicles in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Europe, and a total of three million worldwide through other strategic partners. This means that ARI is also one of the leading fleet service providers and lenders internationally. ARI is considered a pioneer in professional fleet management and has set standards with trendy concepts and modern technologies. The centerpiece is the ARI insights® portal. It offers unique possibilities for monitoring and controlling processes and costs for greater efficiency and added value. In the leasing sector, the company relies on the so-called contracts opened in this country. Customers pay only for what they actually need under the contract, with no hidden costs at the end of the contract. ARI has around 200 employees in Germany.

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