Only part of the discriminatory measures fell

Similar to Germany, there are regular protests against pandemic policy in the rest of Europe, although many measures are currently being phased out due to lightened health systems. But many people remain suspicious. Concerns also play a role that some of the measures will remain in place and could lead to a gradual reorganization of daily life, for example through requests from private companies or through the reactivation of digital verification systems, which are a kind of system of social credit could bring.

No wonder, then, that protesters around the world are pushing for a return to old normality and protesting the complications of Covid policies. In Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland, the protest continued with demonstration marches, for example in Innsbruck, Bregenz and Amsterdam.

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In the neat Basel, the cowbell protest of allegedly “some 500 crown skeptics” was endured. Compared to the 80 anti-war Ukraine protesters in the city, this number doesn’t seem that small.

In the north, Finns from Helsinki join the international protest against mandatory vaccination certificates.

A large demonstration against Covid vaccinations (especially for children) also took place in central London, also directed against the planned “Internet Safety” law. The bill called the “Online Safety Bill” contains measures against “language damage”, which – comparable to the German network enforcement law – give online portals such as Facebook and Twitter a foothold to restrict free speech. Protests against “medical tyranny” are also raging in Liverpool. In addition, catchy slogans can be read on the banners, such as: “Flies die like footballers”.

France: “There are still a lot of disjoint measures”

In France, the “pass vaccinal” for most citizens was suspended on 14 March. But the demonstrations against the government’s crown measures and compulsory vaccination in particular do not end there. In Paris, for example, there was still a joint demonstration by the yellow vests and those opposed to the measures, as well as a second demonstration by the “patriots” around Florian Philippot, who – among other goals – also opposes the ” vaccination card “. Also in France, for the moment, the new “passport obligation” for employees in the health and nursing sector will remain in force.

Protests by the yellow vests are also reported in Marseille, Strasbourg and Colmar. There were also explicit protests against the passport in Mulhouse and Colmar. In Bordeaux, truck drivers are noisy Info France he protested against high gasoline prices and government inaction.

On Saturday there was a demonstration march in Lyon under the motto “Lyon for freedom”. Furthermore, the Lyon demonstration is also directed against inflation, against the “big reset” and calls for the reintegration of suspended nurses. According to France Bleu, protesters against the vaccination card gathered in Nice. One of the participants saw no contradiction in his protest: “Carers who refuse to be vaccinated are still suspended. There are still a lot of unrelated measures.” Furthermore, the demonstrations had already started before the introduction of the “vaccination card. “.

Italy: Call for unity and forgiveness despite discrimination

Hundreds of people (according to the Italian press) from different cities gathered in Modena in northern Italy to continue protesting the government’s measures, although Mario Draghi recently announced that the state of emergency has been lifted and vaccinations have been revoked. There was also the rock musician and leader of the Triestine movement “Dockers contro il passo”, Stefano Puzzer, who in his speech said, among other things: “The greatest power we have is to forgive those who discriminate against us. he marginalized us and you judge us. We do not judge anyone. We want to defend our rights. I want my son to say to me one day: ‘Thank you, Dad, for defending my rights’. ” Puzzer’s attitude, of course, corresponds to the biblical “Judge not, lest you be judged” and is an expression of moral greatness to understand.

Puzzer also criticized the flags among the spectators (eg some for Italexit) and stressed that in this fight we must above all be united, beyond parties and movements. But he also urged firmness in the face of loosening: “If we soften now, they will tighten the chain again in October that has robbed us of our rights and freedoms.”

Employees in the health sector should not be forgotten: they were first celebrated as heroes, only to be the first to be discriminated against. And today, according to Puzzer, they are among the last people still discriminated against. They still need proof of vaccination to be able to work. This should remain that way until the end of the year. “When we go back to work, we think of those who can’t make it. Values ​​like fraternity, humanity, solidarity, no one can take away from us.” In the port of Olbia, taxi drivers joined the workers’ protest.

Canada: Protest in progress, despite court orders

In Calgary, Canada, a court order on Friday sought to contain weekly protests against the measures. Peaceful demonstration trains are redesigned as “block” and noise pollution. Even “business in parks” should no longer run without authorization. Success so far has been limited. In any case, the demonstrators were not discouraged.

However, 17 Avenue shopping street was spared this weekend, as protests focused on Central Memorial Park and the former Olympic City Hall. These demonstrations are described as “largely peaceful”. However, there have been five arrests under the new court order and dozens of speeding fines, some for parking violations. According to police chief Mark Neufeld, the arrests targeted members of the “anti-government and anti-vaccination protest group”.

In Toronto, truckers also honked their horns again, reinforced by the nurses. In addition to the Canadian flag you can also see the flags of the United States or Australia. In Québec, the “health emergency” is expected to end in the coming weeks, but the possibility of reactivating it is to be kept open until the end of the year. The cities of Montreal, Victoria and Vancouver also saw protests.

The international press of the New York Times as far as Al Jazeera now he has found the turning point he wants to give to the protest of Canadian truckers. the Toronto star revealed that it was by no means just a protest against vaccinations or measures, but the phenomenon of trucker protests had already appeared for the first time in Ottawa in January 2019. Even then there was criticism of Justin Trudeau’s government .

This aspect is not substantially new: even today the protests against Covid in many countries are resuming protest themes that existed before the adoption of the pandemic measures. The argument becomes difficult, however, when former Ottawa black police chief Peter Sloly is accused of collaborating with white supremacists, which the Toronto Star does not, but others do.

USA: Washington truck drivers also give an example of unity

Similar is the shot of the New York Times for the protest of US truckers, which is not only an anti-Covid protest, but also offers insights into American rights. But is it any wonder that US Democrats – such as the left, the “liberals” and the Greens in Europe and elsewhere – see and present themselves almost exclusively as a “party of measure”? This automatically opens a door for an alliance between measure-protest and conservative (or emerging) opposition.

Meanwhile, the truckers’ camp in Hagerstown (Maryland) just outside Washington is becoming the site of a happening, perhaps even folklore. Some truck drivers have dared to go to the capital and are sometimes verbally abused by their opponents. The truckers so attacked not only reacted calmly and perplexed by the attack, but also warmly, wishing the man that the rest of his day would hopefully be better.

Police are still trying to block the roads leading to the capital and could contribute to traffic congestion itself.

“Restaurant protests” continue in New York against restaurant owners who ask for vaccination certificates when not required by law.

“No to the mobility pass” also in Chile

Protests over Covid passports are also starting to revive in South America, for example in Uruguay and Chile, there under the slogan: “It’s not for your health, it’s control and corruption”. No to the mobility pass. “A police operation followed, in which a demonstrator fell unconscious to the ground.

A protest movement is also spreading in Taiwan, which is certainly still in its infancy.

Australia and New Zealand: protests in numerous cities

In Melbourne, which suffered a wave of bankruptcies last year and is slowly coming out of the self-imposed blockade of its citizens, hundreds were back on the streets. The protest in the capital Canberra also remains alive. New freedom marches have also been reported from Cairns in the northern state of Queensland. Protesters displayed signs such as “Love, Honor, Truth, Approval, Compassion” or “The Whole Truth”.

In New Zealand, too, the question of the political impact of the protests on the upcoming elections arises. A third of New Zealanders are therefore opposed to compulsory vaccination and a quarter supported the 23-day protest in the national parliament. Former MP Matt King left the pro-rural National Party and formed DemocracyNZ, a party that aims to give citizens a voice. Conservative politicians and citizens’ initiatives also showed solidarity with the protests or even helped organize them.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern justified the suspension of the vaccination certificate in New Zealand, but also noted that it could be used again in the future as an appropriate tool.


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