Several mayoral elections in Hesse – three cities go to the ballot –

Elections for the mayor were held on Sunday in several cities and communities in Hesse. No candidate has managed to prevail in three elections and the ballot elections are now being held here. The results at a glance:

Großkrotzenburg becomes mayor

Großkrotzenburg in the district of Mainz-Kinzig receives a female mayor for the first time. CDU policy Theresa Neumann prevailed in the ballot with 57.04% against Lucas Bäuml of the Greens (42.96%). The turnout was 42.05%.

SPD man Eberwein becomes mayor in Söhrewald

In Söhrewald, in the district of Kassel, SPD politician Ralf Eberwein becomes the new mayor. He got 55.32 percent of the vote. Kevin Heinemann of the CDU came in at 24.81%, Alexandra Baunisch of the United States at 19.87%. Incumbent Michael Steisel (SPD) is no longer running. Voter turnout was 56.62%.

Solms Mayor re-elected by a large majority

Solms’ mayor Frank Inderthal was confirmed in office by a large majority. In Sunday’s elections in the central Hessian city, the Social Democrat won 91.15 percent of the vote. The 49-year-old was the only candidate. It’s his third term. About 10,000 of Solms’ approximately 13,650 residents were called to vote. The turnout was 31.63%. In the elections six years ago, Inderthal won 84.1 percent of the vote. Even then there were no opposing candidates for the mayor.

Election in the ballot for the mayor of Hessisch Lichtenau

In Sunday’s elections for the mayor of Hessisch Lichtenau, none of the candidates won the race on the first attempt. Acting Mayor Michael Heussner (57, independent) received 40.01 percent of the vote, and SPD candidate Dirk Oetzel (51) received 45.75 percent, so both now have to go to the ballot on 3rd April. The Municipality announced it in the evening. Competitor Uwe Brückmann (62, CDU) received 14.24% of the votes.

Hessisch Lichtenau has nearly 12,500 inhabitants. 9,943 citizens of the municipality of northern Hesse were called to vote. According to the data, the turnout was 48.33%.

Ballot elections necessary for the office of mayor in Roßdorf

For the office of the new mayor in Roßdorf (Darmstadt-Dieburg district) an election in the ballot after Sunday’s elections is required. None of the six candidates for mayoral office achieved the necessary absolute majority in the southern Hessian city. In the ballot of 3 April, Norman Zimmermann (independent candidate) and Astrid Kaufmann (green) face the vote of almost 10,000 eligible candidates. The 53-year-old carpenter received 47.7% on Sunday, Kaufmann (40) received 29.57%. SPD candidate Steven Günther-Scharmann achieved 19.93%. According to the data, the turnout was 54.55%.

The new mayoral election after just a year was made necessary because the incumbent Christel Sprößler (SPD), previously re-elected several times, moved to the district in 2022 as head of social affairs. In March 2021, she was the only candidate with nearly 70% approval.

Ballot elections necessary for the office of mayor in Groß-Umstadt

A ballot must decide a new mayor in Groß-Umstadt (Darmstadt-Dieburg district) on 3 April. In Sunday’s mayoral elections, none of the four candidates achieved the necessary absolute majority. In April, voters now have to choose between 41-year-old Social Democrat Matthias Kreh (34.97%) and 37-year-old independent candidate René Kirch (41.50%). According to the electoral leadership, about 17,100 people have the right to vote. Former Mayor Joachim Ruppert (SPD) died last November. The Social Democrat has led the South Hessian community since 2006. Voter turnout on Sunday was 54.2%.

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