Start of relief efforts in Ukraine at the Ida-Ehre-School

As soon as citizens from all over the world were called to support Ukrainian refugees, the individual classes of the Oldesloer Ida-Ehre-School (IES) started projects.

Button from 7b

7b was one of the first classes to put their ideas into practice. “Along with the 11th year art profile, we designed ten different motifs to match the subject and printed them on buttons with the support of our inclusion collaborator Heike Jönsson,” explains Lientje. During each long break, she and her classmates sold badges for a euro or two. “We have already earned € 310 in this way”, says the 13-year-old, beaming with joy.

IES officially begins with various relief campaigns.

However, 7b students were not satisfied with this. “We also painted the donation bags and distributed them to other classes. So the students who wanted could give something in each class. After a few days we collected the luggage again. There was something about most of them, “says the woman from Sülfeld. Almost 170 euros were raised through this second campaign. A first sum of the” Germany helps Ukraine “initiative will be transferred next week.” But we will certainly continue with the button campaign “, Lientje emphasizes.

Cookies in the colors of Ukraine

Lientje’s sister was also not inactive. She and three classmates – all from IES 5a-Jella (11) – baked cookies, decorated them with icing in the colors of the Ukrainian flag and sold them in Sülfeld. The 63 euros thus generated also go to aid from Ukraine.

Peace sign on blue yellow day

The “Blue and Yellow Day” took place recently at the IES. “We wanted to lead by example and encourage further projects in our community school,” explained Christine Raddatz-Zawadzki, coordinator from grades eight to eleventh. Seventh-year students in blue or yellow shirts formed a peace sign in the schoolyard. “Actually, the whole school was asked to come to class in blue or yellow clothes that day, but it didn’t work out very well,” explained teacher Katharina Lippke, who started the constellation of the peace sign with the colleague Elena Glombik. However, the campaign was successful, because on this official start day of the IES relief campaign, two other classes called for relief measures.

Invitation to donations in kind

“We collect donations for refugees from Ukraine” is emblazoned on a blue and yellow poster in the bistro. It also lists everything you need, including women’s and children’s clothing, hygiene items, warm clothing, blankets, backpacks, medicinal creams, and first aid kits. “During every 20-minute break, donations can easily be delivered to us in the old foyer,” explains Maimouna of 9a, the class who organized this project. The first thing to do is to collect until the Easter holidays. In addition to Maimouna, Runa, Feline, Tracy and Enna were particularly involved, who also accompanied the training for peace of their teacher Elena Glombik.

Great rush to waffle action

Particularly successful was the 11d / e class of Carina Wasner’s Wipo and Biology profile, which sold waffles during the long hiatus of Blue and Yellow Day. “We were sold out almost immediately,” explains Justus. Students can use two types of dough. One had been touched at home, the other had been donated by the Borrek bakery in Schürensöhlen. A line quickly formed during the sale, so the students couldn’t keep up with the cooking. Thanks to its great success, the waffle campaign will be repeated in two weeks. “Unfortunately, we can’t do it sooner due to time constraints,” regrets Justus. The exact date has also not yet been determined. “But it will be announced in good time!” The 11 d / e will then pass the proceeds from the sale of the waffles to local humanitarian organizations.

Everyone now guesses which other classes have the most ideas and takes actions. “I’m very excited,” explains the middle school coordinator.

By Sandra Freundt

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