Modern trivia games for the Easter basket

Berlin – Whether it’s guessing “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” in front of the TV, crosswords on the terrace or quiz nights in the pub: scoring points with knowledge is a perennial favorite in everyday life. “It’s so plain and simple, you can showcase your proficiency, and it’s actually something for everyone,” says Darren Grundorf of the appeal of the quiz.

The Hamburger has been earning his money as a full-time quizmaster since 2015. The crazy initial idea of ​​organizing a team quiz with fellow student Tom Zimmermann in the Hamburg pub “Aalhaus” was a complete success. Like “Tom and Darren – Das Quiz” they are now touring live all over Germany – even online in the days of Corona. Since 2016 they have brought the event to the living room as co-authors of the board game “Kneipenquiz – Das Original”.

Get started right away, without reading 25 pages of rules

“You take the game out of the box and you can get started without having to read 25 pages of rules first,” says Grundorf, explaining the success of the cooperative game, which has been sold around 120,000 times to date.

There is also no need to embarrass yourself on the team, a point that many quiz board games try to take into account. “Everyone has probably played a trivia game where you just ask a question that you have to answer. If you don’t know, it can be an unpleasant experience for some people. But this is exactly what modern trivia games are based on, “says game designer Arno Steinwender. In his” Smart 10 “, players can choose from ten possible answers and stop when they no longer know or want to risk anything.

Eight trivia games recommended for social gatherings:

For lovers of harmony: “Pub Quiz – The Original”

The pub quiz in the form of a board game has turned into a modern classic, so much so that there are now several variations: a football-focused edition, additional sets for couples and a focus on schools. The basic principle: five questions must be solved together in each round in order to pass the other teams, which are represented by cardboard bottles. In the latest variant, “Family & Friends”, the goal is to evaluate players based on their personal knowledge in one question per round.

For gamers: “Smart10”

Whether on the train, on the sofa or in the back of the car: “Smart 10” can be played anywhere. Gambling is the focus here. Each round you are faced with a dilemma: I try to find another correct answer out of ten possible answers, but risk losing the points I earned with one wrong answer? Or do I stop and have the stitches safe? The base game contains 100 double-sided cards with 200 questions. There are extensions with themes like food and drink or travel.

For friends of the classic quiz: “Bezzerwizzer”

In reality, nobody likes them: smart people who like to correct others. But with “Bezzerwizzer” it depends. If others are weak, you can get points for correct answers. There are questions from 20 categories, each of which must answer four per round. The categories can be arranged in ascending order, so that more points are possible for a favorite topic.

For the experts: “Really?”

Unlike the usual quiz games, players don’t give an exact answer here, but write a range of answers in numbers on erasable player cards. The smaller the interval, the lower the chances of being right. However, a small correct spread is rewarded with the most points. The 200 questions are quite bizarre (in how many countries does it never snow?).

For color experts: “Color Brain”

In “Color Brain” you often think you can see the answer in front of yourself – the correct colors are required: what colors do asparagus come in? Or what are the main colors of lightsabers in Star Wars? Each guess team has eleven color cards available for answers. If you don’t know a color, you can copy a card from the opposing team. The wide range of questions is welcome – everyone knows something well, whether it’s flags, brand logos or pop culture.

For those who know people: “Quiz Club”

With “Quiz Club” it’s not just your knowledge that pays off. It is equally important to evaluate your fellow players well. Alternatively, you want to choose a question that someone else can answer in the best way possible and then another that makes someone drift. In this way you benefit from the knowledge and non-knowledge of others at the table. The range of nearly 1000 questions can be expanded with separately available packages on special topics.

For geographers: “Germany – Can you find Minden?”

Paying attention to geography lessons pays off – each puzzle has to find the city they’re looking for on a map. The locations of water bodies, natural areas and places of interest must also be evaluated. The more precise the tip, the better, but also more risky. Anyone wishing to ponder the borders of Germany will find the editions of Die Welt “Singapore, where is it?” and Europe “Paris is clear, but where is Cordoba?”

For TV Enthusiasts: “Asked to Hunt”

Board games with licensed TV formats are not always convincing. In the implementation of the ARD quiz show, not only fans of “Gesucht Gejagt” can access it. In a preliminary round, bets are placed on time, which are then defended in a quiz round with questions of three difficulty levels. In particular, the quick guesses, for which it is advantageous to be able to read the quiz master fluently, bring momentum to the game table.

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