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More and more people from Ukraine are coming to Allgäu. There is a lot to organize: it is also about nursery schools, language courses and work. Not everything is going smoothly.

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Tommaso Nero

21/03/2022 | Starting at 6:24 pm

Kindergarten, school, work, medical care: with refugees from Ukraine, there are many tasks for volunteers, schools, kindergartens and administrations in the region.

  • Kindergarten places You are entitled to a post after three months. “We are preparing for an initial offer of assistance,” says Kempten. The city is focusing primarily on refugee children who will soon go to school Kaufbeuren. But boys and girls should be registered regularly, says Tanja Stölzle of the city administration. Talks are currently underway with the management of all kindergartens. In memmingen no nursery places can be offered at short notice – everyone is busy.
  • school “In theory, school is only compulsory after three months. However, we are trying to get refugee students involved right now, “says Herbert Rotter, district school director. Oberallgäu And Lindau and the city of Kempten. The staff is urgent now. The email address for interested parties is: In the past, refugees were mostly integrated into existing classrooms, but now there are too many for that, says middle school principal Reinhard Gogl Sontofen and Oberallgäu president of the Bavarian teachers’ association. There is a group of ten Ukrainian children at Sonthofen middle school. “We don’t even know how many students will make it to the end,” says Gogl. Finding sufficient staff is essential. However, some recruiting procedures are “bureaucratic monsters”. Now you need simple solutions. And: “All kinds of schools have to accept children, both middle and high school.”
  • refugees arrived So far, the city of Kempten has welcomed around 450 refugees from Ukraine, Memmingen 370, Kaufbeuren over 300, the Ostallgäu district 369 and the Unterallgäu district about 400.
  • Refugees expected Lindau district administrator Elmar Stegmann speaks of “mismanagement in refugee organization”: many helpers in Swabia had prepared in vain for an arrival. The announced buses did not arrive on site, for example in Westallgäu Heimenkirch. “We district administrators have been asking for a long time that bus drivers can be reached,” but the federal government has already rejected this several times, he says annoyed. Stegmann, who is the district head of the district council. By Monday afternoon alone, the city of Kempten was expecting two buses and about 100 people, says Thomas Baier-Regnery, head of the youth, school and social affairs department. However, there are always changes in arrival times. “It is important for us not to frustrate the helpers. We will depend on this support for a long time to come ”.
  • work permit In Kempten, around 40 refugees received a work permit, in Oberallgäu 50. “Most of them want to work: this is the main problem next to school and daycare,” says Markus Pferner, head of the social department of Kaufbeuren. With most refugees, however, it is also clear that they want to return home as soon as the war is over. Several companies in the region have already inquired about skilled workers at the employment agency, including for the construction and hospitality sectors. The information is available on the Employment Agency website at – also in Ukrainian.
  • language courses “It is expected that all Ukrainian refugees will be offered an integration and language course,” says Kempten. There are currently self-organized language courses for refugees in the city. Add to that as a whole Allgaeu among other things, the offerings of the Kolping Academy and the adult education center.
  • doctors Dr. speaks of a “significant additional effort”. Jan Henrik Sperling, President of the Memmingen / Mindelheim Medical District Association. Some doctors take care of refugees in shelters, and patients also need to be looked after in doctors’ offices, although many doctors actually no longer accept new patients. “The district association sent a letter to the medical profession calling for low-threshold treatment for refugees. To this he responded with great solidarity ”.

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