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Whether it’s the bobsleigh ruler Francesco Friedrich or the sled and skeleton aces: the German runners specialists have overcome it all on the Beijing ice rink.

Cross-country skiers Katharina Hennig and Victoria Carl also celebrate Olympic gold, as do biathlete Denise Herrmann and combined athlete Vinzenz Geiger. But not all wishes come true. The German news agency ends the winter.


Outstanding were Denise Herrmann’s individual Olympic victory and the bronze medal in the women’s relay. The men were without medals for the second time since 2010. The team achieved a total of four World Cup wins (1 woman, 3 men), of which Erik Lesser’s resounding success in his penultimate race will be remembered in particular. in career. A total of 17 places on the podium. Note 3-


With World Cup ruler Francesco Friedrich, the favorite prevailed in Beijing with double gold. In the two-man bobsleigh the men crowned the season with a historic triple success. After four World Cup victories, Laura Nolte was awarded Olympic gold. Mariama Jamanka has won silver, like three times before in the World Cup. German women remained victorious only in monobob – at the World Championships and the Olympics. Only in the European Championship Jamanka won the title. Note 1

Figure skating:

German racing artists have lost contact with world leaders. At the Olympics there were a series of disappointments, at the Europeans the two riders Minerva Hase / Nolan Seegert achieved the best result in eighth position. The German prospects are also bleak at the World Cup in Montpellier. The fact that 2018 Olympic champion Aljona Savchenko will work for the Dutch federation and not the German one is another defeat. grade 5

speed skating:

No podiums in the World Cup, no medals at the European and World Championships or the Olympics: speed skaters are still lagging behind the competition and the successes of previous years. Claudia Pechstein, now 50, has not yet decided whether she will continue for another season. Apart from the Olympic starting record, only Michelle Uhrig, Felix Rijhnen and Patrick Beckert qualified for the World Cup final. grade 5

cross country skiing:

In the World Cup, German cross-country skiers drew attention to themselves on individual weekends, and women achieved sensational successes at the Winter Games. The 4 x 5 kilometer relay won silver, Katharina Hennig and Victoria Carl also won gold in the team sprint. This was absolutely not to be expected. Grade 2

Nordic combination:

In the overall World Cup, the Germans failed to keep up with the leading duo Jarl Magnus Riiber from Norway and Johannes Lamparter from Austria. At the Winter Games, Vinzenz Geiger triumphed with gold in the normal hill competition and silver in the relay. Among women who have not yet taken part in the Olympics, the Germans are not among the absolute world leaders. Grade 2-


National team manager Norbert Loch is the measure of all things. For the first time, the German tobogganists took victory in all four disciplines of the overall World Cup. Then followed the gold frenzy at the Winter Games with four Olympic victories and two silver medals. Natalie Geisenberger is now Germany’s most successful winter Olympian. Rating: A +

Short track:

The World Cup in Montreal, Canada is yet to come. Due to the war in Ukraine and the crown pandemic, the championship was postponed from 8 to 10 April. In the World Cup standings, only Anna Seidel reached the top 20, ranking 19th out of 1500. The Dresden woman was also the only competitor at the Beijing Winter Games, where she was penalized in the quarter-finals for hindering a competitor. and did not enter the rankings. Grade (intermediate): 6


In the World Cup, world champion Christopher Grotheer was on the podium six times, Axel Jungk four times. In Beijing, Grotheer created a historic chapter with Germany’s first Olympic gold. Jungk took the silver. Women’s world champion Tina Hermann, who has won twice at Altenberg, fluctuated in their performance. But in Beijing, debutante Hannah Neise had her time. The 21-year-old ran her first Olympic victory in women. Note 1

ski jumping:

Everywhere on top, but not a very big title. German ski jumpers showed decent performance in the Olympic winter. Karl Geiger in the individual and in the team won bronze in Beijing, and there was also silver in the team at the World Ski Flying Championships. Germany have to wait for the first winner of the Four Tramlini Tournament since Sven Hannawald in 2002. Katharina Althaus shined in the women’s category. Grade 2-

Alpine skiing:

Slalom specialists Lena Dürr and Linus Straßer made it to the top of the world and each had the most successful season of their career. The German speed team, on the other hand, fell short of expectations, especially among men. At the winter games in China, second place in the team event cleaned up what was, overall, a rather disappointing result. Note 3-

Freestyle skiing:

Daniela Maier surprised at the Olympics with bronze. After the appeal of fourth-placed Swiss Fanny Smith, it has not yet been clarified whether she will be able to keep the medal. In the World Cup, Maier and the other German ski crossers were rarely enough for the top places. In the park, in the pipe or on the trampoline, the Germans are mostly out of the top ten. grade 5


Ramona Hofmeister won the Mountaineering World Cup for the third time in a row, Stefan Baumeister finished second. Martin Nörl was the first German to celebrate the Big Crystal Globe victory in snowboard cross. Ironically, at the Olympics, German snowboarders, spoiled by success, disappointed – with the exception of young freestyler Annika Morgan. Grade 2-

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