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Ahead of the micron surge, Lower Saxony’s Minister of Education Grant Hendrik Tonne assumes that schools and daycare centers will be strenuous in the coming weeks. After that, however, he thinks loosening is conceivable.

Despite the current high incidence situation, he considers face-to-face teaching “expressly right” and responsible for schoolchildren and teachers, Education Minister Tonne (SPD) in Hanover said Wednesday. In light of the Omikron variant, this is a short-term tense situation with high requirements, which means a great deal of effort for the company as a whole. “After that, we can and want to relax quickly and find a way to get back to what we call normalcy.” According to Tonne, no load should last longer than the pandemic situation requires.

Tonne ensures fair final exams

The ministry wants to arm schools and school administrations for the next few weeks with a “tip package”:

  • At the Overload of the responsible health department If there is a sudden increase in the number of corona infections in their school, school principals should be able to revoke mandatory attendance until they receive feedback from the health department.
  • It should be due to huge failures in the delivery business insufficient self-test are available at a school, the responsible health authority can close the school in case of doubt
  • final exam In general and vocational schools, as in the Corona years before, it should be fair, but without compromising on quality. According to Tonne, the degree will be as high-quality as in previous years
  • It should be by topic only a written work to give

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Stricter rules for testing in kindergartens and schools

In addition, the safety requirements for schools and nurseries will again be tightened: from February 15 there will be mandatory tests for children from three years of age in nursery schools. They should be tested for a corona infection three times a week by means of a home self-test. According to Tonne, all tests the country buys for this purpose have been tested and approved and meet the requirements of the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI). If children cannot be tested for health reasons or cannot tolerate the procedure, a parent should perform the test regularly and provide evidence to the facility. In schools, the daily test remains mandatory. Only schoolchildren who have been boosted and those who have been vaccinated twice and who have recovered from a corona infection are exempt from this.

The educational offer is as bad as it was 19 years ago

Meanwhile, the number of lessons in Lower Saxony schools as of 16 September 2021 was as low as 19 years ago. It was 97.4% of the target – in the 2020/2021 school year it was 99%. Tonne said: “Of course I’m not happy with this value, it’s unsatisfactory.” She explained the circumstance with unpredictable special effects. Potential candidates had hesitated in the last two recruitment procedures. Some were waiting for next summer in hopes that the crown situation in schools would normalize and the additional burdens would be reduced, Tonne said. In addition, some applicants are not very flexible when it comes to the desired school or position and prefer to wait six months more to get there exactly. Tonne explained that there have also been an unexpected number of absences due to parental leave, part-time work and work bans during pregnancy. Many teachers would be available full time again in the future.

The more career changes, the more area bonuses

The Ministry of Education wants to tackle the shortage of teachers by reducing red tape in the recruitment process for career changes. Furthermore, teachers should be more aware of the surface premium that is paid in disadvantaged regions and school types. The “Plus Job Offer” should also be promoted. Applicants are accepted for the school of their choice if they have previously taught at another school in a disadvantaged region for three years. Tonne also claimed to pay all teachers at least A13. The path already undertaken should be continued with the next budget.

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