Dortmund: bomb elimination in Scharnhorst – extensive evacuation

Dortmund: bomb elimination in Scharnhorst – schools and kindergartens must be evacuated

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elimination of bombs a Dortmund! Two damages were discovered on Wednesday (23 March) as part of a planned construction project in Scharnhorst.

The WWII bombs are to be defused today – in the afternoon it started Dortmund evacuation.

Dortmund: evacuation in the afternoon, residents need to know

Two duds, each weighing 250 and 500 kilograms, are to be defused this Wednesday (March 23) by the Arnsberg District Government Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service. All information on bomb disposal can be found here!

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17:23: Effects on public transport in Dortmund

With the start of mitigation, the “Flughafenstraße” stop of the U42 tram line (Hombruch-Grevel) will no longer be available. Bus lines 420, 424, 425 and 427 will also be diverted during the defuse.

The stops “Heßlingsweg”, “Kreuzweg”, “DO-Scharnhorst Bahnhof”, “Westholz” and “Flughafenstraße” are no longer available on line 420.

“Gleiwitzstrasse”, “Labandstrasse” and “Siegfried-Drupp-Strasse” and “Westholz Elementary School” are no longer included on lines 424 and 425.

The stops “Westholz”, “Barthstraße”, “Brechtstraße” and “Kafkastraße” of line 427 are no longer used.

16:36: Preparation of the evacuation point

An evacuation point has been set up in the middle school in Scharnhorst. Residents who are currently in crown quarantine will be accommodated in the middle school gym.


This is Dortmund:

  • It has 588,250 inhabitants (as of December 2019), making it the ninth largest city in Germany
  • The largest city in the Ruhr area in terms of area and population
  • Signal-Iduna-Park (home stadium of Borussia Dortmund) is Germany’s largest football stadium with over 81,000 seats
  • Other attractions: Westfalenpark, Dortmunder U, German Football Museum
  • The mayor is Thomas Westphal (SPD)


16:29: The evacuation has begun

The evacuation began around 4pm – there is still no information on when the bombs will be defused. It depends on when the area will be completely evacuated, the city said.

15:23: The area around Barthstrasse is evacuated

The bombs were discovered during construction work in the Barthstrasse area in Dortmund Scharnhorst. For safety reasons, the surrounding area must be evacuated within a radius of 500 meters before the start of defusing. About 4200 local residents are affected by the evacuation. Fire Station 6, Buschei Primary School and Am Stuckenrodt, Mackenrodtweg, Hesseweg and Bushei kindergartens also need to be evacuated.


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15:02: Bombs found in Dortmund

Two Blingängers were found during construction work in Dortmund Scharnhorst. The defuse will take place on Wednesday. In our live blog you will receive all the important information! (jdo)

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