Information for a visit to Phantasialand

Phantasialand, NRW’s most popular amusement and theme park, will reopen its doors on April 9, 2022. TRAVELBOOK offers an overview of one of Germany’s most popular amusement parks.

The little fairy tale park with puppets is now a huge amusement park with roller coasters, shows and themed hotels. Phantasialand is now visited by over 2 million guests every year. What Visitors Can Expect: An Overview.

What can you feel at Phantasialand?

In Phantasialand there are six great thematic worlds where you not only travel through the fantasy world of fairy tales, but also through space and time. They range from Africa to Mexico, to Berlin, to Asia up to the Middle Ages. The newest section of Phantasialand is Rookburgh World, where the dreams of inventors and hobbyists come true. TRAVELBOOK offers an overview of the most popular attractions and shows, as well as available hotels.

water rides

Above, Talocan lacks water and fire. In the crack you will be thrown violently. Better to remove everything important from your trouser pockets in advance and be free from dizziness. In Mexico, you can hop on the Chiapas water ride. Hold on to the expedition boat. After the Mayan ruins, the Dias de los Muertos awaits you, the steepest descent into white water in the world.

roller coaster

Anyone who drives with the “Black Mamba” needs couragePhoto: Picture Alliance / Oliver Berg

The indoor roller coaster “Winja’s Fear” and “Winja’s Force” take you to the realm of “Wuze”. The “railway spaghetti” are available in the Taron, the tracks cross 116 times as the roller coaster car runs between houses and rocks at breakneck speed. On the Flying Launch Coaster FLY, the world’s longest cockpit roller coaster, you can whiz through the themed world of rockets and steaming cars with arms and legs that dangle freely. TRAVELBOOK has already tested the track and says: an absolute recommendation for adrenaline enthusiasts!

The classics are the “Colorado Adventure” roller coaster, where you whiz through the Wild West and the Black Mamba, where you run between rock faces and waterfalls on suspended seats. These roller coasters are more for those who love adrenaline in their rides.

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Fantasyland shows

Particularly popular is the Fantissima dinner show. From the edge of your plate you can watch a mix of light show, acrobatics, dance and passion with a 4-course menu. Tickets are available from 99 euros. Alternatively, there are also shows in the themed areas of Berlin and Mexico. There pirates and breakdancers conquer the theater with an impressive show.

Fantasyland hotels

The hotels are located directly in the theme worlds, so amusement park enthusiasts can reach the attractions particularly quickly. There is the Charles Lindbergh Hotel, the Matamba, the Ling Bao Hotel and also the Mandela Spa.

Hotel Ling Bao in Phantasialand Brühl
Hotel Ling Bao in Phantasialand BrühlPhoto: picture alliance / JWAlker

Entrance tickets to Phantasialand

You can buy a day ticket online from 45 euros, but due to Corona you can’t buy it at the box office on site at the moment. However, tickets will also be discounted online in the future. Children under the age of 3 can visit Phantasialand for free. With a Quick Pass you can visit an attraction twice as fast, the ticket is valid for the most popular attractions and costs an additional 10 euros.

By the way: birthday kids of all ages get free entry to Phantasialand on their special day.

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I arrive

You can easily reach Phantasialand by car via the A1 and then the A553, then take the Brühl-Süd exit and follow the signs (address Phantasialand: Berggeiststraße 31-41, 50321 Brühl). By the way: Cologne-Bonn Airport is also only a 20-minute drive away.

If you arrive by train, you can use the shuttle bus, which connects directly to Phantasialand from the Brühl train station and the Brühl-Mitte bus stop.

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