Klitschko with an emotional speech to the Munich City Council – “This is genocide”

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Vitali Klitschko calls war a genocide. © IMAGO / Pavel Nemecek

The mayor of Kiev was live on Wednesday in the Munich city council. In an emotional speech, he described the terrible daily life in the war in Ukraine.

Update March 23 at 10:07 am: Many Monks help Ukrainian refugees. “The willingness to help is enormous.” Munich wants to do a lot more for its sister city. Important goods are coming to Kiev. “Thank you for defending our common values,” concludes Reiter. Klitschko reiterated: “We will continue to fight”. Germany is a second home for him. “Much of my soul is German.” He is therefore particularly happy to receive so much help from Germany. Klitschko hopes for a quick peace in Ukraine. There have been attacks in Kiev again. Now he has to leave, much of his job now is saving lives. This ends the move to Kiev. A minute of silence follows for the victims of the war.

Update from March 23 at 10:02: Klitschko concludes his emotional speech and the Munich City Council applauds standing. Now Dieter Reiter takes the floor. He is deeply impressed by Klitschko’s words. Every day in Germany you can see how many casualties the war makes. Reiter is angry with the Russian ruler “who is causing this suffering”. Many Ukrainians in Munich are hoping to return home soon. “You are not just fighting for yourself, but for the democracy of all of us,” Reiter continues. Munich is on the side of Kiev. The German government will soon have to comply with Klitschko’s request to end economic relations with Russia. Munich has no connections with Russia.

Klitschko speaks to Munich city council: sanctions aim to bring Russia to its knees

Update March 23 at 9:58 am: Klitschko hopes for the Russian people. You have to resist the government. He hopes the sanctions against the country will take effect. He sees no other solution. “Ukraine is friendly. We are Europeans “. One is not a brother country of Russia. Putin took advantage of Ukraine’s friendliness. Klitschko urges everyone to support Ukraine. “We are ready to fight. We need support ”. German politicians must position themselves. You cannot be pro-Ukrainian and a friend of Russia at the same time.

Update March 23 at 9:52 am: Klitschko has one last message for Munich. “A wolf can lose his teeth, but never his temper.” You can never trust Putin again. Ukraine has given up all its nuclear weapons and Russia has promised them protection. Now you can see what happened to it. Russia does not invest its money in its people, but in the army. Now all the money goes to the war against Ukraine, continues Klitschko. How could the war end? Putin will not withdraw. But Klitschko is still hoping for talks with Russia. A compromise must be found. But how can this be? “Should we give up part of Ukraine?” This war could last for months, predicts the mayor of Kiev. There will be thousands of bodies, even from the Russian side.

Update March 23 at 9:48 am: “There will never be Russians in Kiev. We prefer to die rather than let the aggressor into our city. We will not be slaves, ”continues Klitschko. We are not fighting for our country, but for values. We are also fighting for Germany, he continues. Nobody knows how far Putin will go. Klitschko is also shocked by Mariupol’s devastation. Mayor presumes 60,000 civilians dead. Many cities don’t even have the most basic services. Therefore Klitschko thanks for the help from Germany.

Klitschko’s emotional speech to the Munich City Council: “This is genocide”

Update March 23 at 9:44 am: Klitschko shows the parts of the rocket. The missiles are full of metal parts. They are designed to kill people en masse. “This is genocide.” The situation in Ukraine is dramatic, continues Klitschko. Nobody ever thought they should have taken a gun. Rockets regularly hit private homes here. Residents are turning to him desperately. They don’t know where to go now. The testimony of a victim shocked and moved him. “I have lived in this city all my life. Here are my family and friends. I ask them for a gun to defend my city.” People have enormous anger, continues Klitschko.

Update March 23 at 9:40 am: Russia had tried to take over Kiev in a few days. It was her main focus. After four weeks they still don’t arrive in town. “Nobody in Europe would have believed it.” In Kiev everyone is fighting for a greater goal, everyone is fighting for their family and their freedom. Klitschko has spoken to many politicians in the West. Many believe that the war is far away. But it got to the center of Europe. “It’s about everyone.” Klitschko believes Putin will not stop with Ukraine. All former Soviet republics are under threat.

Update March 23 at 9:35 am: Now Klitschko is talking about his father. He was a convinced Communist. He believed in Soviet propaganda. His son wanted to convince him that people in the West are nice too. But his father was not convinced. People in Russia feel the same way. Even smart people believe in propaganda. Klitschko is said to hate Russians, this is widespread in Russia. “My first language is Russian. I have nothing against Russia “, emphasizes the mayor.” I am half-Russian and mayor of Kiev. My president is Jewish. What are we talking about here? ” Propaganda works Putin understood that the media are the most important weapon in modern wars.

Update March 23 at 9:33 am: 14,000 people have already been evacuated. He doesn’t know how many deaths there are in Kiev. You can’t count them all. But the Russians also lost soldiers. Nobody can say how many victims there have been so far, continues Klitschko excitedly. Many cities in Ukraine are like Kiev.

Kyiv mayor Klitschko before the Munich city council: Putin wants to build a new empire

Update from March 23 at 9:30 am: Millions of refugees are already arriving. “The city is half empty.” The armed forces are marching on the streets of Kiev. Klitschko said he heard explosions near Kiev every hour. He himself can feel buildings shaking from impacts. The mayor of Kiev wonders where the target of these attacks is. Putin wants to build a great new empire. This is more important to him than “the people and peace and quiet in Europe”.

Update March 23 at 9:26 am: Klitschko is ready. Start. Mayor Reiter welcomes the mayor of the partner city Klitschko. He begins thoughtfully. He would not have believed it if someone had told him ten years ago that Russia would attack Ukraine. Not even two months ago he would have believed it. “If thousands of civilians die and infrastructure is destroyed,” he would not have believed it. Every morning Klitschko thinks “this is all just a nightmare”. Then reality catches up with him.

Update March 23 at 9:23 am: We start in five minutes. Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko is about to speak to the fully assembled Munich City Council.

Video: Heavy attacks on Mariupol

First report of March 22: Munich – As mayor of the capital Kiev, Vitali Klitschko also played an important and formative role in the war in Ukraine. On Wednesday 23 March, the former professional boxer will be linked via video to the Municipality of Monaco.

War in Ukraine: Klitschko speaks to the Munich City Council

As announced by the city, the meeting with Klitschko is expected at the very beginning of the meeting at 9:00 – “if the situation in the twin city of Munich allows it, has been under fire from the Russian armed forces for weeks and is increasingly encircled. “.

This will be followed by a minute of silence in the city council for the victims of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. The meeting will also cover planned support for Ukraine and Ukrainian war refugees.

Conflict in Ukraine: live broadcast with Klitschko in Munich scheduled

About two weeks ago, Vitali Klitschko, mayor of Kiev since 2014, and his brother Wladimir were guests of the Würzburg city council meeting live.

Munich is the twin city of Kiev. This was also one of the reasons Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) asked Russian conductor and friend of Vladimir Putin, Valeri Gergiev, to make an anti-war statement. He did not position himself and was then sent off. * tz.de / munich is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA (kof / dpa)

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