Turnkey solutions for the digital school

Digitization of educational institutions Turnkey solutions for the digital school

By Bernhard Fortuna

Supporting and equipping schools in a sustainable and holistic way in digitization: this is the goal pursued by Cancom and Cisco. The partnership focuses on the areas of networking, security, communication, central devices and user administration and secure IT operations.

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Rüdiger Rath, Cancom COO: “Digital infrastructures and applications enable learning, teaching and collaboration regardless of time and place.”

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IT service provider Cancom and technology company Cisco would like to provide educational institutions with ready-to-use digital solutions in the areas of networking, security, communication and centralized administration of devices and users, thus creating the foundation techniques for safe and problematic protection. free lessons with digital devices. If necessary, the management of the solutions will also be taken care of.

The goal of the partnership is to provide turnkey and nationally supervised solutions for educational institutions that can also be flexibly and modularly established in existing structures. Cooperation with IT service providers and regional and municipal data centers should help in this case. This creates low-threshold access to the use of devices and digital content for teachers. “Cancom and Cisco share the understanding that digital infrastructure and applications enable learning, teaching and collaboration regardless of time and place. We are accelerating the success of digital transformation in education by supporting schools, not only with market-leading IT products, but also by designing digital education solutions tailored to the specific needs of education, “says Rüdiger Rath, COO of Cancom zur Partnership .

School WiFi as a basis for digital education

A future-proof WLAN must be part of the basic equipment in schools for digital educational formats to work in practice. Safety, speed, flexibility and reliability are central challenges. Cancom can translate these into digital solutions with a focus on end device and network security, device support and management (MDM), as well as a high-performance, capacitive network. Combined with Cisco’s technologies, schools would receive modern and reliable network environments where end devices of all kinds can be used to add a digital dimension to lessons in a secure and controlled manner, with data protection and cyber attack protection at level simultaneously.

“With over 25 years of project experience in the education sector, we know the specific challenges schools face. In everyday school life, a wide variety of end devices from different manufacturers are used. Whether it is teachers or students, everyone must have equal access to educational formats in the interest of educational equity, “explains Georg Achterling, Cancom’s Director Sales Public Education.” Furthermore, the network must be stable and always function well, even during peak loads during the school day, so that there are no disconnections. If these basic requirements are not sufficiently met, digital lessons cannot take place. “

Safe in the classroom, school or home

Protecting students and teachers is top priority in all digital teaching formats. Child-friendly handling of content and personal information and data protection must be ensured at all times. They range from accessing the network through individual access rights to securing end devices. Likewise, protecting data and devices through early detection of cyber attacks is an indispensable part of safe teaching.

Flexible network and security solutions

According to the partners, Cancom and Cisco’s offerings can be deployed quickly and without large upfront investments. With “Network as a Service” or “Security as a Service”, educational institutions can get tailored cyber or network security services as a turnkey service. This includes Cisco’s networking components as well as Cancom’s installation, maintenance, support and operation services. If needs change during a school year, the solution can be scaled down and adapted to current requirements.

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