World first: mobile play fountain for parks and cities

In the interview, Robert Buchner, chief executive of Ice World GmbHon how the company, which specializes in skating rinks and winter attractions, is partnering with the PlayFountain now I want to be active also in the summer months.

Robert Buchner Image: Ice World GmbH

World of sports fields: After Ice-World GmbH already has many years of experience when it comes to transforming public spaces into real winter attractions by installing mobile ice rinks, the company now wants to create attractions for the summer months with the Playfountain. What’s behind the Playfontana?
Buchner: The Playfountain is refreshing water fun that brings people together. An innovative, mobile and creaking all-weather water attraction designed to entertain and entertain children.

Our play fountain consists of a 100 m² modular base and is equipped with 1,024 water jets controlled by preprogrammed software. In this way it is possible to create dozens of water features: a unique experience. The water features are playful, stimulating and attractive at the same time.

In the summer months, the PlayFountain offers a cool refreshment in the heat-drowned city, theme park or resort. Other times it’s an exciting challenge to stay dry.

PlayFountain: fun refreshment in overheated cities.

PlayFountain: fun refreshment in overheated cities. Image: Ice World GmbH

World of sports fields: To what extent can communities and citizens benefit from PlayFountain? Is the PlayFountain just an attraction for children?
Buchner: The PlayFountain is a multifunctional attraction for all ages. Water in combination with light and music creates a pleasant atmosphere, a truly happy theater. Adults watch, enjoy the atmosphere or become children again.

In the evening, the PlayFountain becomes an art object with illuminated water jets. In the evening, people love to sit beside the roaring jets and relax with their friends and colleagues over a cold drink.

Once operational, PlayFountain is a highly effective and safe way to activate local communities and businesses. People like to come, stay longer and of course boost the local economy.

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World of sports fields: Why do you initially focus on amusement parks, water parks, zoos and shopping malls? Will the PlayFountain also be available as a temporary rental installation in the future?
Buchner: We have found through a market survey that there is great demand for PlayFountain purchase in this area. The reason is the relatively low acquisition costs. While amusement parks invest millions in new rides every 3 years, with PlayFountain we’re only talking about a fraction of those costs. But we will also start a rental business right from the start.

World of sports fields: What makes the PlayFountain so innovative? What should municipalities know about purchasing a PlayFountain about energy and water consumption and the sustainability of the materials used?
Buchner: The PlayFountain is sustainable and safe. Thanks to the patented energy storage system, PlayFountain requires about the same amount of energy as a refrigerator: it is very energy efficient! The same goes for water: it is continually reused and therefore not wasted.

This brand new attraction is a revolutionary product in which water, electricity and mechanics are perfectly combined and which meets all safety standards.

The PlayFountain floor and load-bearing structure are made of 100% recyclable aluminum and meet all playground equipment standards, including slip resistance. The PlayFountain is a completely safe children’s play area, even without the direct supervision of parents or guardians.

At night, the PlayFountain becomes a light attraction.

At night, the PlayFountain becomes a light attraction. Image: Ice World GmbH

World of sports fields: What costs and delivery times do potential customers currently have to contend with? How complex is the installation and operation of PlayFountain?
Buchner: The costs for four weeks, for example, are 35,000 euros, more or less the same costs as an ice rink. Ultimately, however, the total costs are considerably lower, as there are no personnel costs like running a skating rink, for example for supervision, ice skating rental, ice maintenance, huts. , etc. PlayFountain works completely independently and is very simple to operate.

Connected to the PlayFountain and cooled, the control room provides water treatment, software and power that can be monitored and controlled remotely. The operator must therefore inspect the site only once a day to comply with the safety regulations of the law. All game and water quality features are preprogrammed. The PlayFountain can automatically start or stop various game programs at set times, wash filters, measure water quality and even adjust the water supply.

The delivery time for the purchase is currently six to nine months. We will produce 70 PlayFountains over the next two years. Construction takes only one day.

World of sports fields: When and where can you experience PlayFountain in action?
Buchner: For the German premiere, the PlayFountain will be open to everyone for three weeks from Monday 30 August to Sunday 19 September at the Hameln horse market. Interested customers can make on-site appointments with us during this period and experience the PlayFountain live and up close. At the same time, an official customer day will be held in Hamelin on Wednesday 15 September. We look forward to receiving registrations via or by phone on +49 9417 883300. (Sportplatzwelt, 27 August 2021)

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