After the lockdown: the school wants to give children joy on the go

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Essen Karlschule has started cooperation with youth welfare. This is how babies should move back after crown lock.

The Altenessen Karlschule has started a collaboration with the Essen Youth Assistance Service with the Jungle project. For this purpose, an exercise scenario was set up in the gym once a week that motivates elementary school children to climb, swing and swing. Studies show that during the corona pandemic, the physical activity of children living in large housing estates and not having direct access to a garden decreased disproportionately. This particularly affects children in the north of Essen, as Katharina Althoff of the sports institute of the University of Duisburg-Essen recently explained.

The youth facility supports the Essen school in the sports project

Jan Buchholz, sports teacher at Karlschule, then started a project and brought Annika Röhle on board the Palme 7 youth facility on Palmbuschweg. He is in charge of the mobile work in the neighborhood and explains what happens in the gym: “We are telling the story of the jungle monster here.”

The room is a jungle and populated by wild animals. A fake buoy meanders along the ladder and a plush lion dangles on the swing cloth. Headmistress Christiane Gühmann is accompanying fourth grade this Tuesday and is beaming. The slightly different sporting lesson was well received: “The compelling story brings the kids with it.” Karl Orfeld is actually already retired, but he likes to help out. The children would have suffered enough in the pandemic, so such an important offer should not fail due to a shortage of staff: “I am very happy to see how the children have more and more confidence in the four weeks.”

After fighting in the jungle, nine-year-old Ali Malek must first break through: “I think the station is great, where you fight monsters with swords.” Out of school, he goes karate in the city center.

The requirements of the Essen sports project have increased over time

Nine-year-old Justus was surprised: “We didn’t know what to expect. We arrived and saw the course in the lobby. That’s when we found out this is a jungle now. I was happy with it: something different in sports.” . Nine-year-old Sophie noted, “The equipment changed and it got a little harder each time. I think it’s beautiful. There’s a change there.” The demands increased over the course of the four weeks. the balance was first on the floor, then sticks went under it, then tins and today children already dare to use the big boxes.

Primary school students hand over a good report card to their sports teacher Jan Buchholz. He’s nice and funny: “He helps us when we need him.” Buchholz smiles: “The children have a lot of fun in this course, which offers other stimuli to move”. With his curriculum, he is not the classic teacher: “I had my own surf school, I was previously a freight forwarder. Then I switched to teaching.” He has been teaching sports, mathematics and music at Karlschule since 2014. Cooperation with the well-being of young people.

The Karlschule in Essen would like its own gymnasium

The director was also infected by the general joy of the movement. Christiane Gühmann swings on the monkey swing and smiles. One thing is still important to her: “Since we don’t have our own room in the Karlschule, we have to take the bus to the Emscherschule and waste precious time. This cannot be compensated for even with additional hours of exercise. A gym or a gym would be nice. multipurpose room that could also act as an auditorium “.

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