In this Wolfsburg school, robots help with learning

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In this Wolfsburg school, robots help with learning

Updated: 03-24-2022 05:56

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Developer Christian Trapp interacts with a robotic arm at the Festo stand at the Hanover Fair. With BionicWorkplace, Festo is showing a workplace for human-robot collaboration. Human-robot collaboration (HRC), which is becoming increasingly important in industry, is also at the heart of the robotics laboratory at the Heinrich Nordhoff Comprehensive School in Wolfsburg.

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With the help of funding, the Heinrich Nordhoff Comprehensive School set up a robotics laboratory. How students immerse themselves in the professional world of the future.

the future the school started some time ago: on Monday the new robotics laboratory at the Heinrich Nordhoff Comprehensive School (HNG) was officially inaugurated. Representatives of the school, the city of Wolfsburg and the Lower Saxony Ministry of Education presented the premises and equipment. The pupils also showed projects they had already started.

The N21 human-robot collaboration project funded by the state of Lower Saxonybombastic“Allowed the school, together with the city as a sponsor of the school, to build a completely new robotics laboratory that is worthwhile around 60,000 euros gear up The city reports. The human-robot collaboration (MRK) that Industry is becoming more and more important is the focus here.

Children work with desktop robots

center of technological laboratories they are the so-called desktop robots that show their special abilities in suitable application scenarios. “Digital media and software are an integral part of our lives. Even the smallest children come into contact with it in a playful way in the nursery, “explains Arne Sewing, director of the Heinrich Nordhoff Comprehensive School.

He adds: “Competent, critical, cooperative and creative management of digital technologies is a fundamental requirement for participation in the society and go work life become. In recent decades, this has led to an increase in the demand for skilled labor in all areas of the labor market, but especially in the MINT area, i.e. the disciplines of mathematics, Informaticsnatural sciences and technology “.

Ignite enthusiasm for STEM subjects

Iris Bothe, Head of the Department for Youth, Education and Integration, on the project: “The goal is to provide young people with modern and future-oriented equipment for STEM subjects to inspire, to give a professional technical orientation and to learn how to handle robots critically. “He adds:” We are very pleased that we at Heinrich-Nordhoff-Gesamtschule were able to support this forward-looking project and that the students now have the opportunity, up close robotics, technologyprogramming and development “.

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Ten robotic workstations are available

The newly created workshop includes ten robotic workstations (Dobots) with all peripherals and a large 3D printer to create new design ideas in conjunction with the robotic arms. Robots can use railway, optical systems image recognition and conveyor belts a complete production line to depict, they say.

Robots let go Classes 5 to 13 at all levels from gamepads to gesture control to object-oriented programming and opens up new possibilities for the school to carry out interdisciplinary projects between MINT and linguistic, social, sporting and cultural subjects. The laboratory should be available to all students e instruction enrich with real life examples.

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