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Kitchen operator Ghost Just Kitchen (NASDAQ: JUST) continues to grow. Today the Canadian company announces a new agreement, this time for the exclusive supply of the Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan. This is a large industrial area with over 530 companies employing more than 152,000 people.

Just Kitchen is a ghost kitchen meal preparation company based in Vancouver, Canada. The company operates these ghost kitchens with a focus on developing and marketing franchised food brands for delivery to customers only.

Management is by no means at rest

The Canadian small cap company has had several top deals in the recent past, as well as substantial quarterly earnings showing its explosive growth. The agreement with Taiwan’s Hsinchu Science Park shows that management is by no means resting on its laurels. Among others, well-known computer manufacturer Acer and MediaTek, the world’s second largest developer of mobile chips, are at home here.

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Just Kitchen will be the first ghost kitchen operator to serve employees in this industrial park, as drivers are not allowed into this area. It is partnering with a food service provider to offer Just Kitchen-branded meals to employees and their guests at the Science Park during business hours.

Jason Chen, co-founder and CEO of Just Kitchen comments:

The provision of JK food and services to the people of HSP, home of of Taiwan The flagship semiconductor industry, which ranks second globally by revenue and supplies nearly every tech giants in the world, is a great opportunity for Just Kitchen to showcase its brands.

Third Party Software License

The company also announces that it has begun marketing the rights to its food brands. This allows qualified third party commercial kitchen operators in Taiwan and Hong Kong to secure JK brand licenses.

After recent price setbacks, an investment in Just Kitchen is a must. Already at prices around CA $ 1.10, the stock was valued favorably due to its strong growth prospects and was therefore a clear buy.

the fee has become even cheaper

In the meantime, it has gotten even cheaper and is currently priced at CA $ 0.85. This means a market capitalization of only CAD 63.9 million. Broker Beacon Securities considers a target price of CA $ 3.00 to be realistic.

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