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Institute on the Rosenberg

Gallen, Switzerland (ots)

The Institut auf dem Rosenberg is now expanding its holistic and individualized learning environment with Humanix®, a program that trains cognitive skills and data-related skills by studying complex connections and relationships. Rosenberg is the first school in the world to offer Humanix®. With the program, the institute will help students overcome the challenges of the 21st century alongside intelligent machines.

The inclusion of Humanix® in the accredited Rosenberg International Curriculum RIC® and Talent & Enrichment program underscores the school’s mission to revolutionize the education system. Humanix® is designed to encourage students from an early age to leverage technology to succeed as a leader in the modern workplace.

“We are pursuing a future-oriented educational approach that goes far beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge,” says Bernhard Gademann, Director General of the Institut auf dem Rosenberg. “We are proud to be able to offer this to our students and to help them understand, implement and develop innovations, through a holistic learning experience based on experiential and project-based learning.”

With the Humanix® internal qualification, students – starting from the age of 6 – acquire basic skills in reading and data analysis, as well as in programming languages ​​and mechatronics. These skills are in high demand from top universities and employers around the world. Additionally, students are trained in systems thinking, entrepreneurship, cultural agility, and critical thinking to successfully prepare them for life with intelligent machines.

From Humanix®’s three areas of expertise, students select modules that match their individual learning path. The program is further personalized across a variety of subject areas relevant to all subjects. Each course is designed to provide a practical, actionable, relevant and useful learning environment.

Humanix® is taught in the new Humanix® pavilion, dedicated to data science and adjacent to the exclusive Rosenberg Future Park, a state-of-the-art facility where students can carry out projects under the guidance of experts in science, technology and design. Other experiential programs include a space habitat created in collaboration with Saga Space Architects; Boston Dynamics’ nimble “Spot” mobile robot; the Climate Gardens of the ETH Zurich; as well as the school’s fleet of Audi e-tron, powered by the school’s vertical farm and wind masts.

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About the institute on the Rosenberg

Founded in 1889, the Institut auf dem Rosenberg is a Swiss college that creates a holistic, cutting-edge learning environment to educate responsible leaders for the 21st century. The school is passionate about developing valuable learning experiences for children and young people between the ages of 6 and 18.

Rosenberg prides itself on providing a unique and contemporary learning experience that enables academic excellence and profound personal development, going far beyond traditional education. The team’s outstanding teachers and professionals are more than just educators: they are true “artisans of education”.

Rosenberg Boarding School is known for its individual approach to education that fosters academic excellence and includes an unrivaled range of Talent & Enrichment courses designed to broaden young people’s horizons and encourage their creativity. In a rapidly changing world, it is more important than ever that education also evolves. No one can predict the future, but in an age increasingly determined by technological advances, the Institut auf dem Rosenberg sees it as its job to promote human skills such as creativity, intuition and social skills.

Rather than simply preparing students for exams through rigid curricula, Rosenberg has created their own educational paradigm, the unique Rosenberg International Curriculum (RIC®), which promotes subject knowledge while preparing students for a wide range of external degrees, including the International Baccalaureate (IB), A-Levels and Advanced Placement (AP). Recognized by international accreditation organizations, RIC® enjoys an excellent reputation for its academic and interdisciplinary approach, enabling students to achieve external qualifications much earlier than their peers.

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