The world’s first electric snowbike conquers the Alps

The New MoonBikes Park in St. Johann / Tyrol brings sustainable driving fun for winter sports destinations to Austria. The world’s first electric snowbike conquers the Alps.

MoonBikes wants nothing less than to revolutionize long-term snow mobility. The French startup is now bringing the MoonBikes to Austria. The first fully electric snow bike promises sustainable snow riding fun in a whole new dimension. Light, silent and purely electric: this is what characterizes the innovative MoonBikes, sold more than two hundred times in the first year. There are now 17 MoonBikes parks in the Franco-Swiss Alps and they are becoming more and more popular. Now the success story also arrives in Austria: from the beginning of the year, the world novelty can be tested in the specially created MoonBikes Park in St. Johann in Tirol.

MoonBikes vision: the first e-snowbike for sustainable riding fun

Founder Nicolas Muron came up with the idea for MoonBikes a few years ago to make commuting to winter sports destinations more environmentally friendly, more comfortable and more exciting. To do this, he has developed patented electrically driven motor technology that is reliable and powerful at the same time. At just 87 kilograms, the MoonBike weighs only a third of a classic snowmobile and is also easy and compact to store. “Our patented MoonBikes ideally combine the climate-friendly freedom of an e-bike with the power of a motorcycle,” says Muron, proud of mobility innovation. MoonBikes reach top speeds of up to 42 km / h. The built-in battery promises a runtime of 90 minutes and can optionally be extended up to three hours with a dual battery.

First MoonBikes Park in Austria

The St. Johann snow park is now bringing MoonBikes to Austria. Interested visitors can rent and test snow bikes on site. “We are very proud to be able to offer MoonBikes fun in St. Johann for the first time in Austria! Our park is the perfect opportunity for a unique driving experience and adds a new attraction to the whole region, “says park owner Martin Moser.

But this should only be the first step in the success story of MoonBikes in Austria. The first days of testing have already taken place in Seefeld and Werfenweng and the MoonBikes will be used in the management of the race at the “Ganghoferlauf” at the beginning of March in the Olympic region of Seefeld / Leutasch. Further activities and venues will follow in the coming weeks and months. “With our first world, from now on we want to inspire tourists and locals in Austria. We are now continuing our young but fast-paced success story in the German-speaking countries. MoonBikes Park in St. Johann is a milestone for us, which will be followed by many others “, says Sascha Ortner, MoonBikes DACH Country Manager. The French company is supported by Kramser Fahrzeugtechnik in Telfs, who acts as a sales and customer service partner in Austria. Several hundred MoonBikes have already been sold worldwide in the first year since the product was launched in 2021.

Numerous awards and renowned partners

The MoonBikes were developed with well-known partners: the start-up collaborated with Michelin in development and Bosch Marignier in production. Last year alone, MoonBikes received three awards, winning the Winter French Outdoor Award, the Mountain Tourism Award and the Andorra Sports Startup Challenge Award. MoonBikes made it to the final in the “Brand New” category of the ISPO Awards. All awards that recognize the French startup’s sustainable mobility solution.

A new ecological mobility in winter tourism

“Environmental awareness is at the heart of our MoonBikes mission. Patented technology is the perfect solution for eco-friendly and quiet mobility in winter destinations, combined with unrivaled driving pleasure. MoonBikes solves access problems in holiday resorts in an ecological way. Additionally, we offer resorts the opportunity to add another whole new experience to their local winter offerings. Hotel or chalet owners can also offer their visitors an incomparable and sustainable form of mobility ”, summarizes Nicolas Muron, founder of MoonBikes.

The MoonBikes have been online since last year accessible. The MoonBike is subject to the snowmobile law and therefore requires registration. These are generally possible for traders, agriculture and forestry, gastronomy and tourism, hunters, sports clubs, en route services, timekeeping, humanitarian organizations, doctors, rescue services and authorities and must be checked for each federal state. Registration is not required for travel solely on private property.

About MoonBike

Born in the French Alps, developed in the garage and successful all over the world. In 2015, company founder Nicolas Muron, a former aerospace engineer, had the vision of a breathtaking and sustainable mobility innovation. Therefore, the founder of MoonBikes developed the world’s first electrically driven snow bike for environmentally friendly riding fun. After the official founding of the company in 2018, MoonBikes is conquering the European Alps and has continued its rapid growth path since the launch of the patented product in 2021. Several hundred MoonBikes have already been sold around the world. In addition, 18 MoonBikes parks have been created in the Alps in the last two years and the trend is increasing.

Source and photos: MoonBikes

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