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  • The wide range of things to do in Nuremberg can be found in numerous books – we can recommend them
  • Regardless of whether locals or tourists – Nuremberg inspires with medieval history, major events and vibrant city history
  • Nuremberg: Several Places and attractions invite you to marvel and discover

Numerous buildings and monuments recall the rich history of the former imperial palace and the mighty imperial city. In the Middle Ages and early modern times it was one of the most important metropolises in Europe, where important artists such as Albrecht Dürer, Veit Stoss, Adam Kraft and Hans Sachs worked. The approximately five kilometer long wall with 71 wall towers is considered the longest surviving wall in central Europe. The famous Imperial Castle is integrated there, which is one of the most important fortifications in Europe. Beyond the medieval core, there is much more to explore on second glance than you might think at first glance.

A journey through Nuremberg: We can recommend these books

Below the castle you can immerse yourself in the life of Albrecht Dürer and visit the former painting and printing workshop. If you follow the alleys of the castle hill downhill, you will come to the street with the romantic half-timbered houses, the Weißgerbergasse. Once a place of work for tanners, today small cafes and bars have established themselves here. Historic buildings can be discovered in the old town as well as modern ones and give Nuremberg a lively feel.

Amazon Book Tip: Journey Through Nuremberg – A picture book

The photo book “Journey through Nuremberg” tells the diversity of the city, not only in pictures, but also with a lot of background information. Around 200 images show the Franconian metropolis in all its facets. Four specials tell the story of the outstanding Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer, the city’s culinary specialties such as Nuremberg bratwurst and gingerbread, the extraordinarily diverse museum landscape from the Germanic National Museum to the Transport Museum and the famous Christkindlesmarkt.

Reise durch Nürnberg is a series of illustrated books, professionally photographed by renowned travel photographers. For a low price of just € 19.95, you get a compact picture book with information on all the important sights, cultural and traditional insights, full-color panoramic maps and informative texts about the city of Nuremberg.

101 things to do: everything you must have experienced in and around Nuremberg

In addition to the rich picture book, the book “101 Dingemachen” refreshes with a colorful variety of adventures that can be experienced in and around Nuremberg. Author Susanne Berg lives in Franconia and has been a freelance journalist for many years. With “101 things to do” she amazes not only tourists, but locals too.

Amazon book tip: 101 things to do

For all those who think they already know Nuremberg and the surrounding area, this special source of ideas offers new, fresh and creative things to experience completely unknown sides of the Franconian metropolitan region. Have you ever heard of the magic tower, participated in a donkey race or looked over the shoulder of a dollmaker? In and around Nuremberg, 101 things about nature, culture, crafts, cuisine and much more are waiting to be discovered.

Classically, when discovering a large city like Nuremberg, one can also rely on city guides, which usually reflect a purely informative and compact summary knowledge and guide the viewer through the city using panoramic maps. The compact pocket “CityTrip Nuremberg travel know-how“, as it currently looks brand new and out of print and therefore all data and facts are up to date.

Amazon book tip: Reise Know-How City Trip Nuremberg

The benefits of the travel companion at a glance:

  • The sights and museums of the city, as well as lesser-known attractions and neighborhoods are presented and evaluated in detail
  • City walk varies
  • Tips for a short trip
  • Excursions to Knoblauchsland and Neunhof Castle
  • Shopping tips from the traditional market to the best gingerbread shops
  • The best restaurants in Nuremberg and curiosities about Franconian cuisine
  • Tips for evening and night design
  • Selected accommodations from budget to unusual
  • All practical information on arrivals, prices, city traffic, tours, events
  • Background article with in-depth analysis: history, mentality of the inhabitants, life in the city
  • Foldable table to take out

Colorful, fun, true to detail – the Nuremberg Hidden Object Book

Hidden object books offer children and adults the opportunity to engage in intense contact with each other and exchange ideas creatively, especially during childhood. The Nuremberg Wimmelbuch is a basis for this and creates framework conditions that both children and parents love to deal with. The particularly creative and artistic types of illustration are intended to arouse the interest of listeners of all ages, address them, touch them and still leave ample room for interpretation. In any case, they are more than just instructions to explain to children the real processes in the surrounding environment.

Recommendation for a book on Amazon: Nuremberg Wimmelbuch

The best illustration shows views of the city such as the main station area, the old castle, the pedestrian zone and the city center with its beautiful half-timbered houses and stone bridges. There is also the zoo, the dozen ponds and of course the Christkindlesmarkt to explore. And everywhere there is a lot of activity, even Albrecht Dürer is on the move! The hidden object picture book about the city of Nuremberg is fun to discover and search for for young and old.

In Franconian Nuremberg there is not only a hearty traditional cuisine: the city has a lot to offer in culinary terms. Whether it’s Asian or Turkish specialties, pizza or pasta – everyone here is worth their money. We introduce you to the 10 most popular restaurants in Nuremberg – according to Google.

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