A second band is about to be founded in the Pro Musica school

Pro Musica Jüchen introduces itself
We are looking for musicians for the second band

The new head of Pro Musica, Jörg Seyffarth, invites you to the open day. The choral project 007, which belongs to Pro Musica, has finally back in the concert program and is rehearsing in hybrid form.

The corona pandemic continues to determine events in Jüchen. However, the Pro Musica school and its affiliate choral project 007 are now using the opening options allowed for presentations in the presence and with as many visitors as possible. Jörg Seyffarth, who has been the new head of Pro Musica since March 1st, invites you to an open day at the middle school on Stadionstraße this Saturday from 11am to 3pm. You can try out musical instruments and you can hold discussions with the teachers. Above all, however, a new band project is being promoted.

Seyffarth, himself a drum teacher, says: “We have always been strong in the classical area. But now we also want to further expand our rock, pop and jazz area.” According to the director of Pro Musica, anyone who can imagine playing in a band can contact us on Saturday for an audition or audition. “Age doesn’t matter, we deliberately work at all ages, from four to 104, so to speak,” Seyffarth points out.

There is already a band at Pro Musica that has successfully dominated some performances since September 2021, Seyffarth praises twelve to fifteen year old musicians with their “front woman” Laura Sent. The band, which rehearses regularly in Hochneukirch, already has a name: “High New Rock”. Jörg Seyffarth and Pro Music teacher Roland Wolff will be available on Saturday for questions about the band’s project.

The director of Pro Musica reports that the traditional departments, including the guitar offering, are still well organized. Because after leaving Jüchen, guitar teacher Daniel March found a qualified replacement from his colleagues and acquaintances. Two new guitar teachers complete the 14 teachers of Pro Musica.

According to conductor Matthias Regniet, a direct presentation of the 007 choir project will not be possible during the open day. But new fellow singers could contact him once a month for live rehearsals on Friday evenings or for rehearsal weekends (mobile 01573 4758479, e-mail mdregniet@gmx.de). As reported, during the Corona period, the number of choir members increased from 30 to 35 to a maximum of 50 singers. The number is stable, which is also contributed by hybrid champions, Regniet reports. For example, choir members from Frankfurt, Gütersloh or Münster join the attendance rehearsal at the Jüchen general school via zoom on Friday evenings.

“Fixed performance projects are finally back,” Regniet happily says. 007 wants to participate in the “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at the Pro Musica school in August. Furthermore, rehearsals are already underway for a major event: the performance of Martin Palmeri’s “Missa di Buenos Aires”. Since the Argentine composer will still be in Germany in September, Palmeri will also conduct dress rehearsals and be present at the concert, announced Regniet, which is still looking for the largest possible hall for the event.

The choir is also not indifferent to the war in Ukraine, as Regniet reports. “We thought about what we could do for the refugees who come to us from Ukraine in Jüchen.” The choir has already contacted local parishes to organize a musical afternoon for Ukrainian refugees. Regniet says: “The title could be: ‘We stand united'”.

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