“Bridgerton” Season 2: The filming locations of the Netflix series

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Bridgerton: Travel to the filming locations of Netflix’s love story

Are you a fan of the Netflix Bridgerton romance? The series is set in London high society in 1813 and the second season starts on 25 March. The travel reporter takes you to the filming locations.

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The romantic Netflix series “Bridgerton” has so far won over 82 million viewers. The focus is on the eight siblings of the Bridgerton family. The eldest daughter goes to the marriage market and soon makes a deal with the Duke of Hastings. They both come up with a plan to fake a love story. But soon the tide turns and real feelings develop.

Most of the shooting took place in Bath

Fittingly, Roman-founded Bath became a meeting place for high society in the 18th century. Much of the filming took place in the city in southwest England – most of the scenes in the series take place at Mayfair’s in London. The film crew also traveled to London, the boroughs of Greenwich and Richmond, among other locations.

The travel reporter shows you the filming locations of the popular Netflix love story, whose second season begins on Friday, March 25, 2022. This revolves around Anthony, the oldest son of the Bridgertons. He is looking for his future wife.

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Royal Crescent in Bath

The first filming location in the series is still a jewel of Regency architecture – the imposing Royal Crescent in Bath takes visitors back to a dazzling bygone era. The city of Somerset was a vibrant social hub for the wealthy in the 1800s.

The Royal Crescent Building in Bath, England.

In this imposing building, no. 1 Royal Crescent, for example, is the home of the Featherington family. Overlooking Royal Victoria Park, the house is one of the finest surviving Georgian buildings in Britain. It is actually an 18th century museum – and still set up today as it would have been in the period 1776-1786.

via the bathroom

Various street scenes were filmed on Bath Street. For example, in the location shots of Bridgerton, viewers see Cross Bath; the area is also called the “Spa Quarter of Bath”.

With good reason: at the end there are Cross Baths and Thermae Bath Spa – the rooftop pool offers visitors great views over the city.

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The street scenes were filmed on Bath Street, among other locations.

Meeting rooms in Bath

Big social events are a major part of the series. Whenever high society gathers to celebrate, gossip and fall in love, it becomes scandalous.

Many of these scenes were filmed in Assembly Rooms’ tearoom and ballroom, designed in 1769 and owned by the National Trust. The premises can be visited and rented for events.

The impressive ballroom in the Assembly Rooms in Bath.