“Druids.Hexen.SiegerLand”: tourist image film of the Association of Churches

Press release dated 03/25/2022

Precisely for the beginning of spring and the beginning of the hiking and cycling season, a new tourist image film of the community of churches is out. The film was shot by the administrative office for clubs, volunteering and tourism of the association of municipalities. The goal is to attract guests to “Druids.Witches.SiegerLand”.

There is a short break from bench shooting at Alexanderhöhe. From left: Tim Stötzel, Gabriela Burkhardt and Patrick Jung. (Photo: VG Kirchen)

churches. Tourism managers Sven Wolff and Sandro Palazzolo (urban marketing and tourism) contacted media production Patrick Jung a year ago to present their ideas. In the story of the film, two young people live several days in the region and take advantage of the wide range of offers in the Druid, Witch and Siegerland. The focus is on the connection with nature through hiking and cycling, but also on gastronomic and leisure experiences.

In a total of four days of filming in August and October of the previous year and in 17 locations within the Kirchen parish using action cameras, drones and film and system cameras, about 300 minutes of film material was collected. Cut to a total duration of 2:59 minutes, the natural region is now featured in its main picture film with its tourist attractions from Sieg and Asdorfbach to Wildenburger Land. In addition, eight short clips were made from the material, which will soon be available on social media and tourist websites.

Gabriela Burkhardt is a young and educated actress who has many years of experience in theater, theater, film and television. Tim Stötzel played alongside her. The amateur actor grew up in the region, comes from the city of Kirchen and also lives there. The film couple was the perfect mix of professionalism and deep roots in their homeland. Actress Burkhardt was delighted to learn about the potential of the tourism offer as a neutral guest of the region. She was particularly fascinated by the encounters with animals in the Niederfischbach wildlife park and by overnight stays in medieval Freusburg.

Patrick Jung, in charge of directing, camera and editing, had previously worked on several film projects with the city of Kirchen. Thus was born the film for the day of dementia and some clips of images (city festival, May market, places of interest and family friendliness).

Patrick Jung sums it up: “I think what the new tourism film really shows is that we had a lot of fun shooting in the region. We were warmly welcomed everywhere and almost everyone would have liked to have us all The day was filled with exciting stories. Sometimes we also had a problem of time because we could not separate ourselves from the places. Also for me, who have already walked many trails in the region, there have been many new and great impressions. You should visit the region not underestimate it, there is a lot to discover here “.

The new tourist image film is now available at www.druiden-hexen-siegerland.de. (PM)

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