Experience nature on the Weser cycle path between Beverungen and Corvey

“For many people in the district of Höxter and beyond, the Weser adventure area with its natural tourist features is a cornerstone of identity in the region. We are very happy to be able to use the “Experience the Weser – Experience Nature” project to further optimize the framework conditions, “says District Administrator Michael Stickeln.

Up and near the water

The Weser cycle path is one of the most beautiful and popular cycle paths in Germany. “With the implementation of the project, people should have the opportunity to discover the beautiful landscape, the special nature and the wonderful recreational opportunities on and in the water,” explains Stickeln. This is done thanks to a cooperation project between the districts of Höxter, Herford, Lippe and Minden-Lübbecke. The project, funded by the EU and state funds, foresees an investment of around 1.05 million euros in all four districts and is part of the overall “Weser Landscape Adventure Area” strategy developed under the “Regional” .

Bike path like a magnet

With a total investment of around 340,000 euros, the Weser cycle path with its associated cycling and hiking routes in the district of Höxter will be transformed into a tourist magnet. The district of Höxter contributes around 70,000 euros. “In our district, the project includes the Weser section from Beverungen to the Corvey World Heritage Site. This includes the construction of four refreshment points and four nature adventure trails, which are expected to be completed by the start of the state garden exhibition in the spring. of 2023 “, explains Birte Korte of the Höxter district, head of the construction and planning department. Together with the project manager Matthias Beckmann, you report the consequent expansion of the tourist infrastructure along the Weser cycle path.

Rest information points

“The goal of the project is clearly defined: with the help of the rest information points along the Weser cycle path, visitors should also be informed of neighboring communities,” says Korte. “The refreshment points must be equipped with digital and analogue information and seating in a modern style, and must also serve as a starting point for the newly developed nature adventure trails,” adds Beckmann. “The trails are thematically aligned according to the flora, fauna or natural resources prevalent there, so information panels along the trail encourage all age groups to see, marvel and experience.”

Grimm sees problems

Work begins in autumn

“The construction of the rest information points will begin in autumn 2022 and are expected to be completed by the start of the state garden show, so that guests arriving by bicycle can already use these stations as attractive refreshment points,” says the ‘district administrator Michael Stickeln. This will make it possible to strengthen the Weser area as a tourist magnet. “It is a great opportunity for municipalities that local gastronomy and especially cultural and historical beauties are even better perceived. Furthermore, the project is an excellent example of how tourism and nature conservation can be integrated very well”, says Michael Stolte , CEO of the Höxter District Economic Development Corporation.

Opportunities for hosts

It welcomes this further important step in the district of Höxter “on the path of developing sustainable tourism, taking into account our rich natural and cultural landscape”.

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