mask gone? What crown rules apply in schools and daycare centers until Easter

Until March 31st, the previous regulations will continue to apply in schools and nursery schools. But then they change a lot: from April 1st, masks will no longer be mandatory in schools. Education Senator Astrid-Sabine Busse recommends wearing a face mask to protect against infection. But it’s also clear that no one should be at a disadvantage because of her decision to wear a face mask or not.

Otherwise, the proof requirement continues to apply in April, before and after the Easter holidays. A spokesperson for the education administration said there was sufficient testing capacity. As before, three tests per week have to be carried out in schools and, in the event that corona cases occur in one class, five tests in the relevant learning group.

The previous testing regime in kindergartens and schools will continue

Even in the nursery area, the obligation to take the previous test is valid until the end of April: here three tests are distributed to parents, who carry them out at home and document the result with a signed form. At the moment it is still debated whether and for how long the so-called test-to-stay procedure should be continued: i.e. the question of whether the number of tests in the nursery groups concerned should be increased from three to five even in the case of crown cases.

A mask should not and should not be worn in nurseries. “Regular operation in pandemic conditions” has been in effect in nursery schools since 19 March and “normal regular operation” has been in effect since 1 April. This means that normal opening hours apply again and that children are entitled to care under the individual voucher. Early and late shifts have to be offered again and the requirement that care be in groups of 25 as stable as possible is no longer applicable. However, in the event of a severe staff shortage, the daycare management still has the option to ask the daycare supervisor to reduce the opening hours again in consultation with the daycare supervisor.

Without a hotspot regulation in Berlin, there is no requirement to wear a mask

Due to the new federal regulations on protection against infections, the state of Berlin itself no longer has the possibility to comply with the obligation of the mask in schools, although the number of infections in the capital is still very high. At the last conference of prime ministers, the government mayor, Franziska Giffey, criticized him; but there could be a mask requirement again only if the Berlin parliament decides on a regulation on hotspots, which should therefore apply to all of Berlin.

The removal of the compulsory mask in schools arouses mixed feelings among principals, teachers, parents and students. The State Parents Committee considers the path of mandatory masks incomprehensible and completely premature: the situation is too tense in view of the violent process of infection.

Fear, joy and heated discussions in the classroom

Sven Zimmerschied, principal of Friedensburg secondary school, says: “I would almost prefer that the mask requirement was maintained and the test requirement was waived.” he is voluntary. In any case, there will again be distortions and discussions in the classrooms ”.

Many teachers from her college have decided to continue wearing the face mask and encourage their students to do the same. “Because it offers them important security. And because it’s a simple but effective way to prevent infections and keep schools open. “

Martin Schneider, a teacher of English and politics at Neukölln Evangelical School, has positive feelings. He is happy that the restrictions have been lifted. “Because as a teacher, I found it very physically demanding to speak through the mask six hours a day and teach with it.” The reactions of his students are very different: “Some are very anxious and cautious. Others would have liked to throw their masks in the trash months ago.”

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