The day of the war in summary: Moscow sees the “first phase” completed – USA: the Russians lose control of Cherson

The day of the war at a glance
Moscow sees the “first phase” completed – USA: the Russians lose control of Cherson

As Kiev defenders launch a counter-offensive in the east of the city, a Russian missile hits a large Ukrainian fuel depot. Meanwhile, the Russian army appears to be losing power in Cherson. The 30th day of the war at a glance.

In early March, Russia announced it had captured the port city of Cherson in southern Ukraine. Since then there have been repeated demonstrations against the occupiers. The Pentagon has now reported that the Russian military has again lost complete control of the city. A US Pentagon official said during a conference call with reporters that Ukrainian soldiers are now fighting Russian forces in the city. However, according to Ukrainian officials, the city is still in Russian hands.

Meanwhile, there are signs of a change of strategy in the Russian general staff. In the future, the army will focus on “liberating” the Donbass region in the east of the country, Russian Deputy Chief of Staff Sergei Rudskoy said. “The main objective of the first phase of the operation” has been achieved and “the Ukrainian combat units have been significantly reduced”. This would allow the army in the future “to focus most of its efforts on the main objective: the liberation of the Donbass,” Rudskoy said. However, he did not rule out further air strikes into Ukrainian cities.

Secret Service: Ukrainian counterattacks near Kiev succeeded

For the first time in three weeks, Russia also presented data on its losses in Ukraine. As a result, 1351 Russian soldiers were killed and more than 3800 wounded. Ukraine talks about much higher losses on the Russian side.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian authorities assume this About 300 people were killed in the Russian attack on a theater in Mariupol last week. The municipal administration of the port city referred to the evaluations of the eyewitness reports. According to consistent information from humanitarian organizations, hundreds of people had sought refuge in the basement of the building. According to The Guardian newspaper, only 150 survivors emerged from the rubble immediately after the attack.

The Russians surround the cities of the north

According to British military intelligence, the Ukrainian army recently recaptured several important locations and defensive positions east of the capital Kiev. According to them, the Ukrainian military has also destroyed a Russian ammunition depot as part of its strategy to target Russia’s vulnerable supply lines. However, there is a new danger in the north. According to Ukrainian sources, Russian units surrounded the towns of Slavutych and Chernihiv north of Kiev.

Russian missile attacks also continue. Moscow said it destroyed a large fuel depot nearby with rocket fire. A fuel base in the village of Kalynivka near Kiev was attacked with “high-precision Kalibr cruise missiles launched from the sea,” a spokesman for the Russian defense ministry said. The Ukrainian army kept its “largest remaining fuel stocks”.

Lavrov accuses the West of “total war”.

Meanwhile, according to Kiev, another general of the Russian armed forces was killed. Ukrainian troops killed the commander of the 49th Southern District Army, General Yakov Vladimirovich Rezantsev, in an attack on Chernobaivka airport in the Kherson region, presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych said. Rezantsev is the sixth Russian general to be pronounced dead in Ukraine since the war began. About a week ago, Lieutenant General Andrei Mordvichev, commander of the 8th Army of the Southern Military District of the Russian Armed Forces, was killed at the same airport.

When it comes to war rhetoric, however, the Russian leadership seems to know no bounds. In view of Western sanctions, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke of a “hybrid war” directed against Moscow. “Today they declared us a real hybrid war, an all-out war,” Lavrov said in a meeting with representatives of a diplomatic foundation, according to the state agency TASS. “This term, used in Hitler’s Germany, is now used by European politicians when they talk about what they want to do with the Russian Federation.” However, the actual use of the term by well-known EU politicians in recent weeks is unknown.

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