Ukraine: Selenskyj’s adviser criticizes Germany – weapons are the reason

Does Ukraine feel abandoned by Germany, Mr. Rodnyansky?

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I wouldn’t say it bluntly. We are grateful for the help we receive from all European partners and especially from Germany. But we need a lot more support right now. In concrete terms, we need more weapons from Germany. For example, there are many NVA stock weapons that we can handle and that would help us a lot. Also, we will run out of ammunition soon, we urgently need supplies. Germany would also help us a lot with further sanctions against Russia. We need a quick energy embargo so that Russia can no longer finance the war. The disruption of oil, gas and coal supplies is a very important issue for peace in Europe. Not only is the security of Ukraine at stake in this war.

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What exactly does Ukraine need now?

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We need all possible anti-aircraft weapons, for example the S-300 missile defense system. Germany has some of these in its stock. Because if there is no no-fly zone, we must be able to defend ourselves in other ways. Then, of course, we need bazookas and ammo for grenade launchers and rocket systems. We have provided our Western partners with long lists of weapons that we urgently need.

“The chances of a peaceful solution are so slim that no one seriously believes in it.”

Aleksandr Rodnjansky,

Advisor to President Zelenskyy of Ukraine

What role does Germany play for you?

For us in Ukraine, Germany is an important partner and has a great influence on Russia when it decides an energy embargo. Over the past 15 years there has been a very strong Russian business lobby that has made Germany dependent on Russian commodities. Germany also plays an important role in arms deliveries. We have many important partners, especially the Americans and the British who support us with many weapons. But Germany initially blocked arms deliveries from other countries. It doesn’t have to happen again. We also need many more arms deliveries from Germany to defend ourselves against Russia.

Due to the dependence of gas on Russia: the US supplies more gas to Europe

The US wants to help the EU with increased gas supplies quickly reduce its dependence on gas from Russia.

Why is Germany so reluctant about arms deliveries?

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This is a good question. I suspect there are still many fundamental concerns regarding arms shipments to war zones. But I notice that many politicians are rethinking. Some say they don’t want to help Russia escalate the war further. But what else should happen? We already have a great war in the middle of Europe.

Would it have affected the war if Germany had supplied weapons earlier?

Yes, absolutely. It was a big mistake to wait so long to ship the first weapons. The US and Britain realized long before what Russia was doing and that they also needed to help Ukraine with weapons. In doing so, they made the war more expensive and difficult for Russia. Unfortunately, Germany missed this and hesitated for too long. That is why we now have a bigger problem than if Germany had supported us militarily from the start. With hindsight, we know that all of Western leaders’ meetings with Putin have been futile. The true nature of the Russian regime has now been revealed with this war. The world now knows that you cannot negotiate with Russia. We don’t have to talk about it anymore.

So you don’t believe it solution through negotiations?

No, Putin definitely wants a military solution. We are all seeing it very well in Ukraine right now. Those who still believe in dialogue are wrong. A solution through dialogue is wishful thinking. It is precisely this hope for a negotiated solution that Putin intends to use to prevent further sanctions. He wants to continue selling oil and gas to the EU, so it suits him a lot when the Germans believe in a quick peace. But Putin wants a military solution and is pursuing it by all means.

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So why is Ukraine still negotiating?

After all, we cannot say ‘no’ to negotiations. We have to give every negotiation a chance. But we also say very clearly how Russia is doing in the negotiations and how realistic the chances of an agreement are.

How do you evaluate the possibilities?

Not very big. I can’t give you a percentage, but the chances of a peaceful solution are so slim that no one seriously believes it. We see that Russia is preparing the next offensive. If Putin were genuinely interested in a negotiated solution, he would not. Russia is bombing cities and this has not changed and will not change.

NATO decision: no tanks and fighters for Ukraine

Despite the Ukrainian president’s appeals, the 30 NATO countries do not want to provide tanks or planes to fight Russian attackers.

One of Russia’s main demands, also under negotiation, is the recognition of Donetsk and Luhansk as independent people’s republics.

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Yes, but for us it is not at all in question. We would never respond to these requests. Nobody shakes the territorial integrity of our country. We are not giving up territories, not now during the war and not in the future. The last thing people in these areas want is to be part of Russia. Even Russia would never be satisfied with these areas. If we surrender these territories to Russia now, it would only encourage Russia to wage further wars of conquest.

Finally, let’s talk about President Zelenskyy. How has the war changed him?

The past three years have changed the president a lot. He has become much tougher, much more determined and determined. And now he is demonstrating once again very strong leadership qualities: he wastes no time, acts in a concentrated, effective way and keeps the team around him together. It is he too who with his speeches supports the morale of the soldiers and all the others in the country.

From whom does President Zelenskii hope most?

Ukraine needs all the help it can get right now. Above all, however, we need the help of our NATO partners. We hope for more military aid and economic pressure on Russia. During his speeches to the European parliaments in recent days, the President asked for support and moved many people. Help was promised again and again. Now we need this support quickly to be able to defend ourselves against Russia.

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