Ukraine shoots down Russian warplanes over Kiev

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The war between Russia and Ukraine continues unabated. The Russian invasion continues west towards NATO territory.

  • The war between Russia * and Ukraine * continues. Vladimir Putin’s troops * besiege, among other things, the capital Kiev *.
  • The conflict in Ukraine * also affects NATO *: a failed attempt was made to reach Russia via the conflict resolution hotline.
  • You can read all the developments of the war in Ukraine * here in the newsletter.

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Updated from Thursday, March 17, 2022, 6:45 am: For weeks, the Ukrainian and Russian armies have been fighting each other in the war in Ukraine. On Thursday night, the Ukrainian army reported that two other Russian Sukhoi Su-35 and Su-30 fighters had been destroyed in the Kiev region. The struggle in and around Kiev continues unabated.

According to more information, Russian units on the ground have mainly focused on securing their territorial gains. There are efforts by Russian troops to advance south of the city of Izyum. The assumption is that the offensive in the direction of Sloviansk must be continued. However, the Russian troops were unsuccessful in this. The Russian Navy is also still blocking shipments to the northwestern part of the Black Sea.

War in Ukraine: military checkpoints set up on empty streets in Kiev. The fighting in and around Kiev continues. © Alex Chan Tsz Yuk / Imago

The Russian military, in turn, said the crews of 70 foreign ships were stranded there due to the water mined by Ukraine. The information provided by both parties cannot be independently verified.

War in Ukraine: Ukrainian air defenses destroy 10 Russian planes

+++ 10:30 pm: According to reports from the Ukrainian Air Force command, Ukrainian air defenses destroyed ten Russian aircraft, including three Su-30SM fighters, a Su-34 fighter-bomber, two helicopters, an unidentified aircraft and a UAV. Ukrainian ground forces also shot down a fighter, bomber and helicopter.

Yuri Ignat, spokesman for the Air Force Command, said: “The warplanes continue to fight aerial duels with the overbearing air force of the occupants. We will clarify and verify if the objectives have been achieved”.

War in Ukraine: kidnapped mayor of Melitopol released

+++ 21:13: According to the Ukrainian authorities, the mayor of the city of Melitopol in southern Ukraine, kidnapped by Russian soldiers on Sunday (11 March 2022), is free again. In a video posted by the Telegram messaging service, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy can be seen on the phone with Mayor Ivan Fedorov. He was “happy to talk to a living man,” Selensky says in it.

Fedorov was kidnapped from a crisis center in Melitopol on Friday (March 10, 2022). According to the Ukrainian parliament, the mayor had refused to “cooperate with the enemy”. After Fedorov’s kidnapping, Selenskyj asked Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and French President Emmanuel Macron for help to free the local politician.

On Sunday, Ukrainian authorities denounced the kidnapping of the mayor of the city of Dniprorudne. The EU condemned the kidnappings as an “attack on the democratic institutions of Ukraine”.

War in Ukraine: NATO attempts unsuccessfully to reach Russia via the conflict resolution hotline

+++ 18:17: NATO has unsuccessfully attempted to contact Russia through a conflict resolution hotline and written letters. They are trying to make contact as the Russian invasion of Ukraine has spread further west towards NATO territory, senior NATO military officials said Wednesday.

Earlier this week, Russia attacked a Ukrainian military base just 16 kilometers from the Polish border. This raised concerns about a possible fallout of the conflict in a NATO member country.

“Of course we try to communicate with them,” one of the officials told reporters during a briefing at NATO headquarters, according to CNN. “But it takes two [Seiten]to communicate”. The United States also has a separate hotline for conflict resolution with Russia, which it has tested and found operational but not yet used, NATO officials said.

The current assessment by NATO Supreme Allied Commander General Tod Wolters is that “there is currently no threat to NATO as such. No deliberate threat from Russia. Russia is engaged with Ukraine for the time being. But there are obviously risks, according to NATO officials, which is why there are now discussions about moving NATO defense systems further east.

War in Ukraine: the rules of the International Court of Justice – Russia must stop the war

+++ 16:45: The International Court of Justice has ordered Russia to immediately end military violence in Ukraine. The United Nations highest court in The Hague on Wednesday upheld Ukraine’s case against Russia. Although the verdict is binding, experts doubt Moscow will take it into account.

In an appeal on March 7, representatives of Ukraine asked the UN court to intervene in the war in Ukraine. “Russia must be stopped,” Ukrainian politician Anton Korynevych told the Peace Palace at the time.

+++ 14:57: In his speech to the US Congress, Volodymyr Zelenskyy again called for a no-fly zone over Ukraine. His country is suffering severely from air strikes from Russia. So far, both NATO and the United States have rejected such a move. Either way, the Ukrainian president’s flamboyant appeal is increasing pressure on heads of state in the West.

News on war in Ukraine: Russia intensifies airstrikes – Ukraine demands a no-fly zone

+++ 13:30: In the war in Ukraine, Russia’s attacks on big cities continue. Air attacks in particular have increased in recent days. This was reported by CNN in relation to US intelligence circles.

Probably in response, the US Congress decided to send more military aid to Ukraine. Above all, surface-to-air missiles must be delivered. The military equipment comes from old Soviet stocks and was allegedly delivered to Ukraine by NATO partners. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will speak at the US Congress on Wednesday afternoon. He is expected to require more military aid to his country in the war against Ukraine.

War in Ukraine: Russia gathers reinforcements from all over the country

Updated since Wednesday March 16, 2022, 9:44 am: The war in Ukraine is still not going as planned for Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin is therefore withdrawing more troops from inside the country and moving them to the war zone. This was reported by the US news channel CNN. “Russia is increasingly trying to muster additional troops to compensate for its losses,” CNN said, citing British intelligence information.

War in Ukraine: Washington warns against the use of Russian weapons of mass destruction

First report of Thursday 10 March 2022: The US government has warned of a possible Russian use of chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine. By spreading disinformation, Moscow wants to pave the way for a further escalation of the unjustified war of aggression in Ukraine, US President Joe Biden spokeswoman Jen Psaki * warned on Twitter Wednesday. Russia is following a clear pattern of behavior: using the same weapons of mass destruction or simulating a Ukrainian attack to build a justification for continuing the war, Psaki wrote.

Psaki’s statement came after Russia’s allegations that Ukraine is developing nuclear or biological weapons. Only on Monday did the Russian Defense Ministry claim that there was a network of biological laboratories in Ukraine working on behalf of the US Department of Defense. However, international fact-checkers have long since invalidated this claim. (iwe / ktho / tab / nb / lrg / nak / tu with dpa / AFP / KNA / epd / rtr) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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