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Ukrainian Ambassador Melnyk reiterated his call for more weapons from Germany and an energy embargo on Russia. Moscow has announced that it is now focusing on “liberating the Donbass” in Ukraine. The news at a glance.

In an interview with NDR Info, Melnyk said he hopes the federal government will support a one- or two-month ban on Russia’s oil and gas imports. “That would be something that would really help us Ukrainians.” Such an EU embargo could help “suffocate Putin’s war machine”. It is not enough that the federal government does not want to pay for gas deliveries in rubles, as requested by Russia. Melnyk also said that his country was grateful for the weapons he had received from Germany. “But Germany could do much more.” There is a long list of weapons of war the country needs him. “All of this can save lives,” says Melnyk.

By 2024, Germany is expected to be largely independent of Russian energy

German Economy Minister Habeck said in Berlin that there have been successes on the way to fewer imports of gas, oil and coal from Russia. By autumn, Germany could completely without Russian coal. Oil is expected to halve in the summer. In the case of gas, it may be possible to become independent of Russian supplies by the summer of 2024, with the exception of some actions, the Green politician said.


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Minister Habeck expects gas independence in two years. Meanwhile, climate protests are taking place all over the world. 3 minutes

Apparently Russia wants to focus on the Donbass

According to the defense ministry in Moscow, the Russian military in the future will focus on the Donbass in their actions in Ukraine. The area in the east of the country should be “liberated”, the ministry said. The first targets set for the military “special operation” in Ukraine have been achieved and “Ukrainian combat units have been significantly reduced,” said Deputy Chief of Staff Rudskoy.

Current reports on fighting and developments in Ukraine, as well as international diplomacy, can be found in the live blog at tagesschau.de.

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The Russian flag flutters in front of the government building in Moscow.  © dpa photo: Bernd Settnik

The first targets set in Ukraine have been achieved, Deputy Chief of Staff Rudskoy said. More information at tagesschau.de. external

Help for people in Ukraine:

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Helpers pack medicines and other supplies from a volunteer fire truck.  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Julian Stratenschulte

The willingness to help those affected by the war is great. What needs to be considered? NDR.de offers an overview. Moreover

NDR Info informs you on the radio about the Russia-Ukraine war:

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Even tagesschau24 keeps you updated:

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Live streaming from tagesschau24

Current audio from the NDR Info program:

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A Ukrainian soldier photographs a damaged church after a bombing in a residential area.  © dpa / AP Photo: Evgeniy Maloletka

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“Everything has been destroyed, there are corpses everywhere”, say the people who managed to escape from Mariupol. 3 minutes

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) stands next to US President Joe Biden (left).  © dpa / dpa Photo of the swimming pool: Michael Kappeler

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Are politicians doing enough to end the war in Ukraine with sanctions? A comment by Helga Schmidt. 3 minutes

Syrian flag waving in the wind

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The Kremlin had publicly announced that it would send up to 40,000 militiamen from Syria to Ukraine. So far there is no evidence that the Syrians are fighting there. 6 minutes

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The NDR Radiophilharmonie and the a cappella ensemble Maybebop together give a benefit concert in Hanover. 4 min

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Gerd Aschoff of the Pro Bahn Passenger Association provides answers to the ticket announced by the traffic light coalition. 4 min

The view of the barracks from above.  © screenshot

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About 1,000 people will be housed in the North Frisian community of 700 inhabitants. 1 minute

War reports in Ukraine from Northern Germany:

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Refugees from Ukraine arrive at the Hanover Fair in a special train.  © dpa Photo: Ole Spata

The federal government should contribute to the costs of integrating refugees. So far the country has welcomed 15,700 people. Moreover

Ukrainian refugees wait with their luggage to continue their journey.

About 6,000 beds are occupied in state and municipal housing in MV. At least 3,000 other refugees have found refuge elsewhere. Moreover

Hamburg's largest refugee accommodation in the new development area on the Mittlerer Landweg.  © NDR Photo: Screenshot

The city has agreed this with the umbrella organization for good integration in view of the numerous Ukrainian refugees. Moreover

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The man holds both hands in front of his face © picture alliance / empics Photo: Dominic Lipinski

The war in Ukraine affects many people. What strategies help when fear becomes overwhelming? Moreover

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