Amazon closes headquarters in Seattle hotspot

2020 brought an exodus from the urban centers of America that had barely arrived overnight. Radical restrictions on public life were just the last straw that broke the camel’s back for many urbanites. There were no more advantages to living in the center. Indeed, there have been huge drawbacks since the summer of 2020, as the riots have established a Black Lives Matter-themed tyranny of thoughtful punches and skyrocketed crime rates. The link was already described in 2014 as the “Ferguson effect”: massive riots coupled with fundamental criticism of the police, cause officers to be overwhelmed and retreat, thus paving the way for all types of crime, including the poorest sections of the country. population usually suffers the most.

The exodus has been rooted even more deeply by a process underway in recent years, which in the United States as in old Europe has robbed urban centers of their economic life: the “Amazonization” of life has meant the death of many retailers. and their shops, referred to in the past as the vitality of a center and a piece of social control.

In this regard, an effect is returning to its creator if the shipping company Amazon is pulling out of a city center itself, as Newsweek reports with reference to KOMO News. At the company’s Seattle headquarters, the Bezos Group announced that employees and clerks should initially work from home. In the long run, they will likely be reassigned to other offices in less central locations. The reason: Violent crime in the city center has reached a new high. On March 2, 15-year-old Michael del Bianco was shot dead at the intersection of 3rd Avenue and Pike Street. The offices of the shipping giant are also very close. Police temporarily installed a mobile guard at the intersection and increased patrols.

In 2020, parts of the center were declared a police-free zone

The Lake Washington city, near which Boeing factories still stand, offers a picture of misery today, as does the left-wing Guardian / homelessness -and- violence-on-the-rise-in-seattle-in-pictures: old graffiti-smeared buildings with plywood boards instead of windows have been seemingly empty for a long time. Homeless people live in green spaces and smoke fentanyl on the street. Dope Slope is the most famous of the wild homeless settlements that deface the once famous parks of the city.

The Corona measures are not innocent in the situation: suddenly there were far fewer places in the city’s night shelters for the homeless. Furthermore, violent crime has skyrocketed. Wounded and killed by knife and gun attacks are the order of the day. During the summer 2020 riots, activists occupied part of the city: an “autonomous zone” (Capitol Hill Occupied Zone, CHAZ) was established on Capitol Hill after the local police station was abandoned. Violent crime soon ravaged the Autonomous Zone. After less than a month, it was canceled. What happened, however, showed the cracks in the city fabric.

Crime in the United States is currently on a steady rise. Violent deaths increased 7% in 2021. Financial technology firm MoneyGeek attempted to calculate the overall economic cost of crime (both against property and violent crime) and calculated that the cost for 2020 will be $ 203 billion. These crime costs increased by 15% from the previous year. A 29 percent increase was determined in Chicago, 40 percent in New Orleans and 42 percent in Seattle.

It should be noted that the most insecure cities in the US according to this method of calculation – as well as other methods – are mostly found in the Midwest, in the so-called fly-over states that do not benefit from the economic advantages of the two coasts. But that doesn’t mean that coastal cities always have to have an edge, as New Orleans and Seattle demonstrate. In New Orleans, crime is not decreasing. Once again, some pointed to the possible link with the reduction of prison sentences, which have also been reduced in the wake of the BLM protests.

Criminal tourism in California

In California, there was a significant increase in violent homicides in the 1990s, but recently the rate has increased significantly, by 50% in 2021 compared to the pre-pandemic year of 2019. However, there have been similar rates of increase. property crimes such as robbery and burglary, car theft. One of the more recent problems in this area goes by the name of criminal tourism. South American thieving gangs are making sunny state insecure after getting tourist visas online the easy way. Now, burglary by foreign gangs is not uncommon and is known in many countries. But the fact that the criminals come from a neighboring continent and use official entry documents seems new and special. The Wall Street Journal also wonders if California isn’t making things too easy for criminals.

In the background there is also the question of the efficiency of the criminal authorities, on the one hand the police, but above all the public prosecutors, which – due to overload or political reasons – have raised the limits of prosecution for crimes against the heritage. Some former police officers reveal in interviews that their colleagues often “don’t think it’s worth arresting them” because the suspects aren’t being charged anyway. In San Francisco, theft is now classified as a felony (“felony”) worth more than $ 950 (formerly $ 400) and is punishable by more than one year in prison.

It is recalled that “progressive” prosecutors have been elected in many large cities, often with direct support from leftist networks centered on investor-philanthropist George Soros. This eventually affected rural America as well. But Soros also threw his money into the ring in big cities to support leftist majorities.

Is the new Seattle DA cleaning up?

Republican Ann Davison was elected Seattle state attorney in November. One of the reasons she was able to stand up against her left-wing competitor was the fact that she adhered to the plan for a gradual “abolition” of the police. Seattle basically has a left-wing Democratic majority. Davison now wants to try to track the petty crimes collected as “crimes” (serious crimes) and generally look for ways out of the “crime cycle”. Most importantly, she must first clean up her agency, the Seattle Times reports. In old files, you found notes on 118 people who could be charged with a total of 2,400 crimes. The report of around 20 crimes per person, which does not even include drunk driving, drunk driving and domestic violence, should be very serious criminal offenses.

America is seen in many ways as a glimpse into our future. Hopefully this is not the case here. However, a certain departure from plans to “abolish” the police can be observed, including in Joe Biden’s State of the Union address in early March, where he said, to applause from delegates from both camps, “The The solution is not to deprive the police of funds. The solution is to finance the police. “The American left is now proposing a both-and. The New York Times, for example, recently stated that one must not choose between security and” equal justice. ” , Between police work and “other social services.” What remains strange is that justice is not provided for by the police, but instead entrusted to other “services.” Something similar was also written in Biden’s speech at two o’clock. chambers of Congress.

The emerging New American approach is that if you reduce poverty and the lack of opportunities, especially among some marginalized ethnic groups, you can avoid severe crime rates. Prevention instead of repression. But the question remains whether money can truly solve all of society’s problems.


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