Germany’s Role in the Ukraine Conflict: Why We Need to Help Now

Lives, families, cities and perhaps an entire country are being destroyed before our very eyes. We need to help Ukraine now.

The images and news that have reached us from Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion are dramatic. A little girl who runs away shouting goodbye to her father who remains to fight. Weapons issued to civilians from the back of a truck.

The Ministry of Defense, which invites the residents of a district of the capital Kiev to get involved Molotov cocktail against attackers who come with modern weapons.

Ukrainian crisis – all the news about the conflict

before our eyes human lives, families, villages and cities and perhaps an entire country torn and destroyed. Have we, Germany, done enough to protect Ukraine and her people from this fate?

Germany has been helping Ukraine since the annexation of Crimea

Since the start of the conflict in eastern Ukraine and the annexation of the Crimean peninsula to Russia in 2014, the German government has supported the country with over 1.8 billion euros. With money it comes humanitarian aid was provided for internally displaced persons and Germany has also promoted the country’s political and economic development. From a financial point of view, this is a huge contribution: together with the United States, Germany is the largest bilateral donor in the civil sector.

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Although German support may have improved the lives of many people in Ukraine in recent years, it has discouraged Russian ruler Vladimir Putin but not from attacking the neighboring country. If that of this and also the previous federal government strictly refused delivery of lethal weapons Ukraine allegedly dissuaded the Kremlin leader from his invasion plan, which apparently had been in preparation for a long time, cannot be answered in retrospect.

It is probably too late for arms deliveries

Now the rumors are increasing in this country which, under the impression of the Russian invasion, Ukraine should be endowed with Weapons request. Sad but true: even if the German government were to change positions, it would probably be too late to do so.

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Russian troops were already in the capital Kiev on Friday. In the early hours of the war, the Russian army bombed many airports that could be used to deliver weapons. Such an action would be difficult to coordinate, the one offered by the federal government a month ago 5000 helmets they were only loaded onto two trucks on Friday. The handover is expected outside Ukraine.

Germany must offer Selenskyj exile

Germany now has to help the country in a different way. First, the federal government should offer Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and members of his government all political support and exile to Germany if they still manage to escape Putin’s grasp. Second, Germany must tougher penalties advance against Russia. It is good news that European punitive measures are now aimed at Putin himself. But the will to stop the Russian president must go further.

Therefore, one of the next steps is to exclude Russia from the international system for processing money transfers Fast. Yes, this can also damage the German and European economy. But the political and financial costs would be higher in the long run if Putin was not stopped now. And third, Germany must rapidly and comprehensively provide humanitarian aid to war-affected Ukrainians. This applies to those who have fled to other countries and, as soon as the situation permits, also to those who remain in the country.

Crisis in Ukraine – background and explanations of the conflict

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