Halls for the School of Tomorrow – New White Paper “Discovery Learning”

Why Mobile Is Not Enough: The comprehensive Discovery Learning white paper shows what tomorrow’s lessons will need

  • Expert Talk: Insights into the school practice of learning through discovery
  • Integration: what does tomorrow’s ideal lesson look like and what does it require?
  • Win-win situation: how teachers and students benefit
Space for learning through discovery: In the current white paper, four experts have their say and describe their experiences. Photo: © Conrad Electronics

Hirschau, February 2022. The DigitalPakt School and the Corona pandemic have accelerated the digitization of German educational institutions. Many classrooms are now equipped with digital devices. But this alone is not enough: in the future, the topic of digitization in the educational environment will mainly concern the development of practical and holistic solutions and the creation of a modern digital and spatial infrastructure that supports teachers and students alike.

Learning through discovery: a central component of modern educational concepts

Gaining new knowledge through one’s own actions and learning motivated by one’s own experiences – children and young people can hardly experience their self-efficacy better. Frontal teaching offers little room for students to participate in learning success through independent research. What is needed is the integration of innovative learning elements into a digital infrastructure and a modern room concept.

White paper for teachers and decision makers

As a technology expert and solutions provider in the education industry, Conrad Electronic has had this topic in mind for a long time, especially in the interdisciplinary MINT environment. The technology specialist’s training team, together with experts from a wide range of areas of the educational environment, has now examined in more detail the most important issues related to ‘learning by discovery’. The result is a comprehensive white paper in which they share their knowledge and pass on their practical experience.

Expert knowledge – in and out of daily school life

Jarl Schultz, principal of the German Scandinavian Community School (DSG), shares his experiences from school practice. The facility is a pioneer in implementing modern digital education concepts with a holistic and creative learning approach. FreiDenker Campus founder Nicole M. Pfeffer provides momentum for integrating extracurricular learning spaces for creative discovery. Dr Dierk Suhr from the classroom specialist Hohenloher passes on his knowledge about optimal room planning from a pedagogical and didactic point of view. And Michael Motzek, branch manager of the Conrad B2B branch in Hürth, describes possible approaches to the flexible design of learning spaces for discovery for different needs and age groups.

Teachers and decision makers in education can find further information on the core aspects of discovery learning, the added value for teachers and the challenges and solution approaches in school practice in the free “Discovery learning” white paper – downloadable from this link: kurse .conrad.de / discovery_learning


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