King Harald: Still worry! He has to cancel his trip to London

News about royalty in the GALA ticker: King Harald cannot attend the funeral service for Prince Philip +++ Queen Máxima wants to help young people with her foundation “MIND Us” +++ King Carl Gustaf: the countdown to its 50th anniversary of the running throne.

Royal News 2022 in the GALA ticker

March 26, 2022

King Harald is still on sick leave

On March 22, 2022, the Palace of Norway announced that King Harald, 85, had contracted the coronavirus. Three days later, the farm has still not been able to give the green light, quite the contrary. “His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen have sadly had to cancel their attendance at the funeral service for Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. This is because the King remains on sick leave after contracting the Crown earlier this week.” . a statement published on March 25. Harald and Queen Sonja, 84, were expected to attend the late Prince Philip’s memorial ceremony in London on Tuesday 29 March. It is not yet known whether Prince Haakon, 48, will replace his parents and represent the Norwegian royal family at the funeral service.

March 25, 2022

Queen Máxima is committed to the mental health of young people

Queen Máxima, 50, wants to offer a new point of contact for young people with mental health problems and is therefore officially establishing a new foundation called MIND Us on March 30, 2022. An initiative that cannot be postponed, if you read the numbers. According to the Dutch royal family, “every seventh young person suffers from depressive thoughts and every third person is under pressure to perform.” 75% of mental health problems appear before age 25.

King William Alexander’s wife, 54, wants to free those affected by social stigmatization. She probably recognized from her painful experience how important it is to break the taboo on the subject. Her sister Inés Zorreguieta, † 33, struggled with psychological problems and eventually took her own life in June 2016. In a television interview with journalist Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, 61, Máxima explained in May 2021 that Inés had suffered of depression and a personality disorder and had “been to the hospital a few times” because of it. But she apparently did not receive her professional help that could have saved her. Now her older sister is trying to offer those affected a reliable point of contact, at least in the Netherlands.

Information on offers of help

Do you have suicidal thoughts? The telephone counseling service offers help. It is anonymous, free and available 24 hours a day on 0800/1110111 and 0800/1110222. A list with national relief agencies can be found on the website of the “German Society for Suicide Prevention”.

March 24, 2022

King Carlo Gustavo: Special competition on the occasion of his 50th jubilee

Sweden has a lot to celebrate in 2023: On September 15, 2023, 75-year-old King Carl Gustaf celebrates his 50th anniversary from the throne, making him the longest reigning monarch in Swedish history. But first, on 6 June 2023, the 500th anniversary of the coronation of Gustav Vasa will be celebrated. Wasa liberated the Scandinavian country from the rule of the Danish king in 1523 and introduced succession, which is why the day of his coronation was declared a national holiday.

The royal family has now come up with something very special for such historic occasions. The palace has launched a competition on its official website for graphic design students to create the official symbol for the anniversary year.

The emblem must contain the Swedish royal crown and corresponding dates, but a portrait of Carl Gustaf is not desired. Prince Charles Philip, 42, will select the best contribution together with a jury made up of experts in the fields of design, graphics and heraldry. The winner will then be invited to one of the events in the anniversary year.

Princess Mary is very worried about her founding companion

This news is likely to have come as a shock to Princess Mary, 50: Her founding partner Mikkel Hansen, 34, a Danish professional handball player, suffered a pulmonary embolism following knee surgery. Various media outlets, including “Spiegel” and “Sport1”, reported it on March 23, 2022. The complications came after a routine operation, according to the website of his club Paris Saint-Germain, where the three-time world player handball is under contract.

The wife of the heir to the throne of Denmark, Prince Frederik, 53, has worked closely with Hansen since 2017. Together with their foundations Mary Fonden and MH24, they campaign against bullying and set up the training site with sponsors. “Anitbulli Handball”.

Princess Mary with Mikkel Hansen at the Danish Handball Award Show with the Mary Fonden in June 2018.

Princess Mary with

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Fortunately, Mikkel Hansen is out of harm’s way. However, according to Paris Saint-Germain, “he will no longer be with the club by the end of the season […] I can play”.

March 23, 2022

Countess Eloise: “We are cute as parents”

A few days ago, news about the baby of the Dutch royal family made headlines. Countess Eloise, 19, is expecting a baby, various media reported. The trigger for this was apparently a photo of King William Alexander’s granddaughter, 54, and her friend Joann van den Herik, who then put her hands on the young royal’s stomach. “Yes, the rumors are true, Elo and I are expecting a baby,” joked the model. Eloise squashed rumors about the baby with a cheeky TikTok video and a photo of her on her Instagram story of her holding a glass of booze.

Now the 19 year old is making fun of the headlines again. “Scroll on for the famous ‘pregnant’ photo of @joannvdherik and me,” she writes on Instagram for a total of four photos showing her with her friend. In her last, Joann can again be seen hugging her friend and lovingly placing his hands on her stomach. “We’re cute as parents,” Eloise joked, mocking the press.

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Princess Victoria: daughter Estelle surprises with a new look

Oops, Princess Estelle, 10, was hardly recognized in this photo. Princess Victoria’s daughter, 44, shows up alongside her mother on a date with the charity WaterAid Sweden with a new look: she wears a casual wool jacket from Designers Remix, jeans and cool Dr. Martens boots for the first time with glasses. Whether we will see the Swedish royal couple’s granddaughter in the black frame more often remains to be seen. One thing is certain: Estelle looks great on it!

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In addition to Victoria and Estelle, on March 22, 6-year-old Prince Oscar took cans of water with him to the grounds of Haga Castle. The campaign has a serious background: Swedish royalty and WaterAid, whose patronage holds the Crown Princess, want to make it clear that many people around the world suffer from water shortages and have to search and fetch water every day. According to the Swedish royal family’s Instagram post, the organization “is committed to improving access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene in the world’s poorest communities.”

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March 22, 2022

Prince Nikolai and his fiancée Benedikte enjoy their night date

Ah, how beautiful love must be! A few days ago, Prince Nikolai of Denmark, 22, and his girlfriend Benedikte Thoustrup had a romantic evening for two. Flirty snapshots reveal this in their Instagram story. A real rarity! The Danish student mainly shares moments with her friends of hers or the most recent recordings of the joint semester abroad with Nikolai in Paris. Queen Margrethe’s grandson, 81, has only come to a couple photo on Instagram so far – and now, exceptionally, in her story.

In the first shot, only Benedikte himself is seen.

In the second shot, the model prince, who has walked the runway for luxury brands like Dior, can be seen from behind, including the red heart emoji. Despite the rainy weather, the couple, who fell in love a few years ago while attending boarding school in Herlufsholm, must have had a wonderfully romantic evening in Copenhagen.

The Dutch royal family welcomes refugees

Great gesture from our neighbors: Dutch King William Alexander, 54, wants to welcome refugees from Ukraine. As reported by the German news agency (DPA), as early as mid-April up to eight families or 20 to 30 people from Ukraine could temporarily call Het Oude Loo castle near Apeldoorn their new home and feel safe. The court announced it this week.

There is certainly enough space in the state-owned castle, located 90 kilometers east of Amsterdam. It is currently rented by the king, but the family lives in The Hague and uses the castle mainly for family reunions. The fact that this castle is now to serve as accommodation for Ukrainians is not the royal family’s first solidarity action. On March 16, 2022, Queen Máxima, 50, visited the “Humanitarian Service Point” accommodation for refugees in Amsterdam and was very moved by their fate. So far, more than 12,500 Ukrainians have found their safe haven in the Netherlands.

March 21, 2022

Princess Sofia is invited to the representative dinner

Evening dresses, diamonds and tiaras: Swedish royalty get ready for a glamorous evening at the palace. On April 6, 2022 there will be another representative dinner, to which Princess Sofia, 37, is also invited, despite the reorganization of the royal family.

Although King Carl Gustav, 75, reorganized his royal family and focused on himself and his successor, Princess Victoria, 44, and their family, his son, Prince Charles Philip, 42, and his wife Sofia are still making a number of true family appointments. These include state visits and hearings, but the famous representative dinners have not been completely eliminated from the royal calendar.

Glamor events take place a maximum of four times a year and an insight into Swedish society is invited. Dress code: evening dress and long dress.

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