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Bochum (dpa / lnw) – The individual web school as a pure online school for sick children from all over Germany accuses the Düsseldorf Ministry of Education of breaking its word in the final exams scheduled for May. The nearly 70 youngsters should now be surprisingly tested in different locations in NRW, said director Sarah Lichtenberger. Parents were informed by the district governments of Arnsberg, Münster, Cologne and Düsseldorf that they were responsible for their exam questions. This does not correspond to the promise of the North Rhine-Westphalia school minister Yvonne Gebauer (FDP). The Düsseldorf ministry rejected it.

“Families are upset and upset. This is unfair to our sick students and we cannot work this way,” Lichtenberger told the German news agency. The school was assured that “external exams” for all would be centrally managed by the Arnsberg District Authority. Now, for example, a teacher who has been teaching and closely following four students for a long time is faced with the question of who will accompany them to the exam: all four have been assigned different seats.

In the weaving school, children and young people who cannot attend regular school due to mental or physical illness are individually educated online. More recently, up to around 100 students have been taken to the Hauptschule or Realschule certificate each year. According to the school management, they also need to be closely followed during exams and sometimes need very special conditions at the exam venue.

From an organizational point of view, it was not possible to carry out all the tests in a single district government, the ministry said at the request of the Dpa. Web school wasn’t guaranteed either. “Some of the test takers who were digitally prepared for exams by the institution then applied to other district governments based on their place of residence for admission to the external exam.” In a conversation on February 1, the Ministry of Education did not promise the representatives of the weaving school that all admitted candidates would be able to take their “external exam” in the same place.

“However, district governments are trying to distribute the institute’s candidates to as few testing sites as possible,” the ministry stressed. Gebauer had promised the non-state-recognized web school that students from all federal states would be able to take the “external exam” one last time in 2022. However, the Arnsberg district government “cannot organize permanent final exams. for the entire federal territory “. After 2022: principle of returning to the place of residence, “at the end of which the final exams are taken in the respective country of residence”.

A digital alternative to regular school attendance “in the state school system” is to be created in the future – for those who cannot attend school for serious health reasons, the minister explained. The aim is to allow students “without commercial interests to return to face-to-face teaching in the future or, where this is not possible, to graduate successfully”.

Parents of a Baden-Württemberg web student with autism and fear of school now want to go to urgent proceedings at the Arnsberg Administrative Court to make sure he can take the final exam in Arnsberg, Lichtenberger said. A week ago he was unexpectedly informed that he was assigned to the district government of Cologne. Now the parents’ urgent question has come out. Hopefully in a previous character, so that each interested person does not have to start a procedure individually.

SPD education expert Jochen Ott said exam registrations now being split between different district governments is new and does not match Gebauer’s earlier statements. “Especially children who have special problems need more support,” warned the deputy group leader. “The school minister, on the other hand, protects the bureaucracy, for which the children are too busy”.

Green school politician Sigrid Beer called for the immediate elimination of uncertainties for candidates. “It is hypocritical when the minister in the school committee of the state parliament still states in February that one of the fundamental tasks of a state is to best support the weakest of our society to give young people the ground under their feet in March to get away”.

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