This is how the perverse Putin and Lavrov are selling the war to the Russians

March 26, 2022 – 3:07 pm Clock

The West has declared a “true hybrid and total war” on Russia. Harsh words from Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov on the new sanctions imposed by the US, the G7 and the European Union. Moscow is reinforcing its rhetoric. The Kremlin, on the other hand, presents its own people as a friendly adjutant to civilians and accuses the Ukrainians of destroying their belongings themselves.

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Rainzer Munz in Moscow: Russia’s rhetoric escalates!

Russian rhetoric is becoming increasingly difficult, observes our Moscow correspondent Rainer Munz. “Today we had a speech by Vladimir Putin on television and he talked about Russian culture being attacked in the West and compared it to what happened in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.”

The statements of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov are becoming more and more acute. “You always think that rhetoric can’t get tougher. And then you realize: yes! There is another twist,” Munz said in Moscow.

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Lavrov on the decisions of the West: “Today they declared us a real hybrid war, a total war!”

Moscow, Russia – March 25, 2022: Chairman of the foundation board of the fund, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei

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As the tone intensifies, Lavrov’s statements make it clear! “Today they declared us a real hybrid war, an all-out war,” Lavrov said in a meeting with representatives of a diplomatic foundation on Friday, after the agency’s information on Western sanctions. “This term, used in Hitler’s Germany, is now used by European politicians when they talk about what they want to do with the Russian Federation.”

The actual use of the term by well-known EU politicians in recent weeks is unknown. In 1943, Nazi propaganda leader Joseph Goebbels called for “total war” in his infamous speech at the Sportpalast. Lavrov said that European politicians wanted to “destroy, break, annihilate, strangle” Russia. “When we see this illegality of sanctions, it is obviously clear that all these values ​​that our Western colleagues have consistently preached to us – namely freedom of expression, the market economy and the inviolability of private property, the presumption of innocence. – they are useless.”

But not only have Putin and Lavrov honed their rhetoric westward, Moscow is also trying to sell the war to the Russians as if the Ukrainians themselves are destroying their cities and attacking civilians and not the Russian army, according to the coins. of the Moscow correspondent

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“Ukrainians are destroying their cities” – two thirds of Russians are confronted with these claims!

However, it is also clear that, despite the consequences and the tightening of sanctions, Russia will not withdraw, according to the RTL reporter in Moscow. On the contrary: “According to Russian information, which can also be seen here on television, everything is going according to plan – and that’s what they say here in the special military operation.” We in the West can hardly understand this when we see, know and experience all of this, Munz explains.

“Russian viewers get a completely different picture. They are told that the Russian army is protecting civilians, providing humanitarian aid and not attacking civilian targets.”

For the Ukrainian side it is said exactly the opposite, so much so that “it is the Ukrainians themselves who destroy cities, civilian targets”. Of course, all of this stuns you when you hear it, Munz says. But on the other hand it is clear: “This is the world that two thirds of Russians are confronted with. 70-75% use Russian television – and this is their reality,” explains the RTL reporter Munz of the observations of him in Russia.

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Putin’s confidant Dmitry Medvedev: “foolish” to think that sanctions can make a difference

MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA - MARCH 24, 2022: The President of the United Russia Party and the Vice-President of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev on screen during an interview with Rossiya Segodnya news agency and RT television channel at the Gorki residence.  Yekateri

MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA – MARCH 24, 2022: Dmitry, chairman of the United Russia party and deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council

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Putin’s confidant and former Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, also sharpened the tone towards the West. In response to further sanctions and restrictions on the Russian central bank, he made it clear in a televised interview with the Russian news agency RIA that it was “foolish” to believe that sanctions could make a difference. The sanctions have no impact on the Russian government. They would only strengthen Russian society and would not arouse popular displeasure with the authorities. (dpa / lion)

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