Ukraine criticizes Germany’s position on arms deliveries

Berlin (German news agency) – The Ukrainian government has accused Germany of blocking the issue of arms deliveries and sanctions against Russia. “Germany refused to supply arms to Ukraine before the war began,” President Volodymyr Zelenskyi’s foreign policy adviser Ihor Zhovkva told newspapers from the media group Funke (editions Friday).

“Now we’re getting some weapons, but it’s not enough, it’s too late and too slow,” he said. According to Zhovkva, Kiev mainly needs anti-tank and surface-to-air missiles from Germany. “But if Germany doesn’t want to provide us with these weapons, at least it shouldn’t stop other partners from helping us.” Zhovkva criticized Germany also acting as a brake when it comes to imposing sanctions on Russia. “Unfortunately, Germany is also at the forefront when it comes to saying no to tougher sanctions against Russia. For example, in view of a total ban on imports of gas, oil and coal. Either by blocking all Russian accounts in Europe or by excluding all Russian banks from the Swift international payment system. ”

Every dollar paid for Russian gas goes to the Russian military. According to Zhovkva, Russian troops had failed to conquer larger cities in a blitzkrieg. The Russian advance was slow. “Even if Russian troops were able to encircle smaller southern towns, such as Kherson, they would not be able to set up puppet administrations there,” the official said.

However, Russian forces have started attacking cities from military aircraft flying over the Black Sea. “They fire missiles with longer ranges.” According to the presidential adviser, the capital Kiev is preparing for a major defensive battle. “The military and civilian parts of the administration are preparing to defend the city. They are stockpiling the supplies needed should Kiev be encircled. ”

So far, the Russian forces have not even half surrounded Kiev. “They won’t even be able to surround Kiev with their current strength. They should double or triple the number of their forces ”.

Ukraine hopes for Berlin’s support when applying for EU membership. “Much depends on Germany, the locomotive in the EU. A large majority of Germans are in favor of Ukraine joining the EU. Chancellor Olaf Scholz should listen to the opinion of society, “said Zelenskyi’s adviser. The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, SPD politician Michael Roth, also called for greater speed in arms deliveries to Ukraine. .

“Now we have to turn on the turbo for arms deliveries,” he told the “Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland” (Friday editions). “Now everything must be done to strengthen Ukraine’s long-term defense and defense capacity in order to persuade Putin to find a diplomatic solution in the talks,” he continues to ask Ukraine. But Ukraine needs these weapons immediately, and not just in two months ”. Only if Ukraine remains strong and defensive and does not capitulate, can a solution be reached through negotiations. “For Putin, the military and economic costs must be so high that he is willing to make serious concessions in the negotiations. With every day that Ukraine survives and defies Russian aggression, a solution through negotiations is approaching ”. As Germany can no longer supply weapons from Bundeswehr actions, the government must now begin negotiations with the arms companies immediately.

“We now need to speak quickly with the arms industry about which weapons can be delivered at short notice,” Roth asked. According to Roth, the fact that Germany has too few weapons in its stock makes clear the major omissions in the past. “The special fund of 100 billion euros for the Bundeswehr must therefore be used in a targeted way to remedy the huge shortages of weapons and personal protective equipment”.

Photo: Federal Ministry of Economy, via the press agency dts

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