7 tips for your weekend in the state capital


Hanover: 7 tips for an unforgettable weekend!

Hanover is the perfect destination for your next weekend: trendy bars and restaurants, exciting museums and green oases await you. We present seven tips that will make your weekend unforgettable.

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Finally city trips again – and there is a lot to discover in the Hanover region. In order not to lose sight of the many attractions of the big city, we tell you what you should definitely not miss. Here are seven tips for your perfect weekend in Hanover.

1. Walk around the city center

To get to know Hanover, a good idea is a trip to the city center, where you can expect a lot more than just a normal shopping spree. Visitors can follow the so-called red thread. The red thread runs through the city center and connects a total of 36 places over a length of 4.2 kilometers.

For more than 50 years it has led to the most beautiful highlights Hanover has to offer historically and architecturally, including the Kröpcke clock in the heart of the city. Directly from the clock is the Mövenpick Café, known for its in-house bakery and regional cuisine.

The famous Kröpcke clock in central Hanover is a popular meeting place and tourist attraction at the same time.

2. Visit a museum

There are numerous museums to discover throughout the Hanover region. From history to natural history to art from many eras, there is something for every preference, for example in the Sprengel Museum, the Schloss Herrenhausen Museum and the Hanover State Museum.

The Sprengel Museum is always worth a visit because of its location directly on the Maschsee!

And if you want to take a break, you can do it in one of the many nice cafes in Hanover. For example, at Seven Sundays, which serves breakfast in Oststadt and Mitte so richly decorated it could easily pass for a museum. Here guests can enjoy delicious pancakes, eggs Benedict and burritos for breakfast from morning to night.

3. Paddling on the line

After exploring Hanover on foot, you can get to know the state capital from new perspectives away from the streets. For example in a canoe on the Ihme or on the line. In two and a half hours you cross a lot of greenery to the old town and the Maschsee. Whoever gets on the boat here soon forgets that the big city is so close.

Other bodies of water in and around Hanover also have a lot of variety in store for water sports enthusiasts. Whether it’s kayaking, canoeing or pedal boating, numerous clubs offer tours of the surrounding rivers and lakes.

One of the ways that visitors to Hanover can explore the city is by paddling on a leash, like here on the upper bank of the old town.

4. Discover the colorful side of Hanover

Graffiti and street art characterize the urban landscape in some neighborhoods and give them a very special charm. Colorful pictures adorn and decorate many walls of a house in Hanover. To discover the legal works of art, you can take a graffiti tour in the districts of Linden, Nordstadt and List / Oststadt.

Tip: Colorful creations are perfect as an Instagram motif. Don’t forget to tag @VisitHannover.

Graffiti in the Linden-Nord district of Hanover.

5. Explore Marienburg Castle

Marienburg Castle near Hanover is THE destination. Anyone who has managed to climb the historic staircase with its 160 steps will be rewarded with a fantastic view of the Leinetal and Calenberger Land. During a guided tour of almost an hour, you will see historical furniture, paintings and historical-artistic rarities belonging to the Guelph royal family.

The museum with its magnificent rooms can be visited for free. In the café and beer garden there are sweet and savory snacks such as fresh waffles or a good portion of fries.

Marienburg Castle near Hanover with a view of Calenberger Land.

6. Relax at the Steinhuder Meer

Steinhuder Meer is the largest inland lake in Lower Saxony and offers many opportunities to enjoy the weekend in the state capital. Swimming, rowing, sailing, surfing and kite surfing as well as cycling and hiking are no problem on the Steinhuder Meer and its surroundings.

The variety of landscapes and 32 square kilometers of water attract visitors from all over Germany to the Hanover region.

The Steinhuder Meer is only half an hour’s drive from Hanover.

7. Wandering in the Deister

If you want to relax, you can end the weekend by hiking the Deister. The green paradise is located about 30 kilometers from the gates of Hanover and is particularly recommended for hikers and cyclists. Breathtaking views of Calenberger Land and Weserbergland up to an altitude of 405 meters await you. Haven’t heard the Deister yet? Then just watch the video!

Enjoy the peace and fresh air on a hike in the Deister outside the gates of Hanover.

After hiking and cycling, the Deister communities of Barsinghausen, Springe and Wennigsen as well as Rodenberg, Bad Münder and Bad Nenndorf invite you to recharge your batteries. Pure relaxation!

La Rock in Hanover is an individual restaurant with no fixed concept.

Extra tip: You can review your weekend in Hanover over a good meal. You will be spoiled for choice as there are as many good restaurants as there are cafes in the city. One of them is La Rock in the charming List neighborhood.

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