Anrath’s Lise-Meitner-Gymnasium has an Instagram-AG called “Daily LMG”

Lise Meitner High School in Anrath
Daily school life on Instagram

There is a new working group at Anrath’s Lise-Meitner-Gymnasium: participants post school life on the Instagram platform. But topics such as data protection are also brought closer to students.

The vice principal of the Anrather Lise-Meitner-Gymnasium (LMG), Markus Klemt, thinks it’s probably the most contemporary AG that can be offered and refers to the Instagram AG called “Daily LMG”, which has been in school for four years weeks there. Social media has long been a problem at LMG. There are media scouts, for example, who train younger schoolchildren to use modern media and make them aware of the dangers that social media brings. “We had our presence on Instagram for three years, which I oversaw as principal. I set up special campaigns like St. Martin, school enrollments or carnival. But I just had more in mind,” says Principal Thomas Prell-Holthausen.

And so the idea of ​​an Instagram AG was born. Because Prell-Holthausen would like students to become active for students, because this has a completely different value, because students have a completely different perspective on things, according to the principal. He asked Stefanie Dotschuweit if she could imagine supervising such a working group. The dedicated teacher immediately took care of the implementation and established the project in the age group from the ninth grade to the first trimester. Dotschuweit approached the students in their courses and also got in touch with the other high school students. 13 students quickly gathered and signaled it was their thing.

A look at the working group that meets on Monday afternoon: “Is the date already set for the interview with the school management?” she wants to know Stefanie Dotschuweit from the group of students sitting in front of her. “Monday at 12”, Meliha’s reply arrives. Dotschuweit saves the appointment in the diary, and the French and Spanish teacher has the next question ready: she is looking for someone who will have time the next day during the long break to take some pictures of the students. “A colleague has launched a geography contest and now the winners have to be photographed,” explains Dotschweit. Several hands go up. A short agreement and the next appointment are scheduled.

The group, led by Dotschuweit, has already put 87 high school posts online. The AG has 845 followers. “It’s just great to do something with the media. Especially because in the working group you learn a lot that you can use on your own, “says Juliane. The editorial meeting takes place once a week, where topics are discussed and appointments made. However, the actual work of the participants in the AG goes far beyond this meeting: they work during breaks and free hours as well as in their free time.

Students conduct interviews, shoot short films, take photos and are always on the lookout for news at the LMG. The goal is to publish something about school life every day – hence the name “Daily LMG”. Each contribution goes through the Dotschuweit desk, which double-checks everything and then puts it online. “Of course, we also deal with legal and data protection issues. What is possible, what is not possible, where the limits are, everything is discussed, “says the head of the working group. Therefore, a data protection fact sheet has been drawn up, which is needed for a photographic release. The range of this that is published is widely disseminated. These range from information on various events, such as first quarter bakery sales for the Abitur celebrations, to interviews with teachers. “We have also created all our profiles so that the followers know who’s behind it, “Robin informs. The Teams program keeps you in touch outside editorial meetings.” Our school’s motto ‘All around alive’ is lived by Instagram AG, “praises Prell-Holthausen.

The Instagram profile is well received by other students. Among the followers there are also some former students and also many parents are interested in this information channel of the Anrather Gymnasium. Especially since followers can also make suggestions on topics and ask questions, which are answered by the students of Instagram AG. “We accompany you a little in everyday life at LMG. We see everything from the student’s point of view and I think that’s what makes it so interesting for all of us, creators and followers, “says Johanna.

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