Holidays in the Palatinate: Hiking, cycling and enjoying nature in the Trifelsland – panorama

Breathtakingly beautiful: the view from the Orensfelsen in the Trifelsland in the Palatinate.

Breathtakingly beautiful: the view from the Orensfelsen in the Trifelsland in the Palatinate. Photo: Domenico Ketz

Holidays on the Southern Wine Route mean enjoying nature with all your senses, mountain biking and hiking on kilometers of cycle paths and hiking trails, admiring wonderful panoramas and panoramas along the way and being spoiled by the specialties of the Palatine cuisine.

Stuttgart – The Trifelsland holiday region is located in the south of the Palatinate, where the Wine Route meets the Palatinate Forest. The Stauferburg Trifels is the center and the namesake. It is closely linked to historical figures such as Emperor Barbarossa and King Richard the Lionheart. Today there are exciting guided tours and varied excursions around the castle.

Further down the Queichtal is the picturesque town of Annweiler am Trifels, connected to the castle via the Trifels Adventure Trail. Here, hikers of all ages can learn interesting facts about life in the region in the Middle Ages with the SÜW experience app and information panels. Along the way there are play stations and picnic areas that invite you to take a break. The Keschde Adventure Trail also starts nearby and deals with the importance and use of chestnuts in the southern Palatinate and takes hikers on a journey of discovery through forestry, climate change and culinary delights.

Miles of hiking and biking trails

The Trifelsland offers many kilometers of well-marked hiking trails, cycle paths and mountain bike tours are offered in the mountain bike park in the Palatinate Forest. The Buntsandsteinfelsen, which impressively feature Germany’s largest contiguous forest area, are a popular climbing area. With all the fun, recreational athletes are encouraged to treat this natural treasure carefully, so that the Trifelsland forest can be experienced with all the senses for a long time to come. For example, while bathing in the forest, hiking or discovering local animals in the wildlife and hiking park.

Experience nature and enjoy the view

The experience of nature is always at the center: Trifelsland is promising and always offers breathtaking views of the Palatinate-Northern Vosges Forest Biosphere Reserve, the Southern Wine Route and the Rhine Plain. The view often falls on Trifels Castle , for example from the surrounding mountains, the nearby castle ruins and the romantic villages around Annweiler am Trifels. The “Orensfelsen” near Albersweiler offers a particularly beautiful panoramic view, which can be discovered via the premium trail “Pfälzer Hüttentour”. Another great vantage point is the Rehbergturm at Annweiler am Trifels, which is located on the premium trail “Richard Löwenherz Weg”.

Taste the specialties of the Palatinate

On all tours in the Palatinate Forest, a stop in one of the many refuges in the Palatinate Forest is a must. There are traditional Palatinate specialties, delicious cakes and good regional wines. The huts of the Palatinate Forest have recently been recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. However, Trifelsland has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine: game and chestnuts, trout and other regional and seasonal products characterize the menus of the wine bars and restaurants. For excursions you can also book picnic packages with regional products, which can then be enjoyed in one of the numerous picnic areas.

The Trifelsland is also well connected by bus and train. Many hiking destinations and starting points for hikes and bicycle tours can be easily reached by hiking buses. And with the Pfalz Card, use of local public transport is free, as is entry to many attractions and leisure facilities throughout the Palatinate.

Information: You can read more about Trifelsland on the region’s website and Facebook page. The Annweiler am Trifels tourist office will be happy to answer inquiries by email or by phone: 06346/2200.

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