These are the results and candidates in the state elections

To the Sunday (March 27, 2022) will be held in Saarland a new Parliament choice. Hundreds of thousands of people will then remake their cross.

State elections 2022: constituencies

Unlike federal elections, Saarland is divided into three instead of four constituencies in state elections. The districts are:

  • constituency of Saarlouis (districts of Saarlouis and Merzig-Wadern) with the cities of Beckingen, Bous, Dillingen, Ensdorf, Lebach, Losheim am See, Merzig, Mettlach, Nalbach, Perl, Rehlingen-Siersburg, Saarlouis, Saarwellingen, Schmelz, Schwalbach, Überherrn, Wadern , Wadgassen, Wallerfang and Weiskirchen
  • constituency of Neunkirchen (Counties of Neunkirchen, Saarpfalz and St. Wendel)
  • constituency of Saarbrücken (Saarbrücken regional association)

2022: Results in the Saarlouis constituency

How are the results? constituency of Saarlouis? You can find out here on election night.


Meanwhile, all the votes of the cities and municipalities of the Saarlouis constituency have been counted. the SPD wins all 20 municipalitiesachieved its best result in Rehlingen-Siersburg (50.5%).


Lebach voted: SPD: 40.1 percent, CDU: 32.7 percent, AfD: 5.3 percent, FDP: 5.3 percent. With that I am all municipalities counted.


Even the people inside merger I chose. Here are the results: SPD: 47.5 percent, CDU: 28.0 percent, AfD: 5.7 percent


The results out Perl: SPD: 38.1 percent, CDU: 37.0 percent, FDP: 7.2 percent, Greens: 5.1 percent


More numbers:

Bous: SPD: 45.8 percent, CDU: 25.9 percent, AfD: 5.5 percent, Greens: 5.0 percent
Nalbach: SPD: 44.7 percent, CDU: 26.9 percent, AfD: 8.4 percent
catfish catch: SPD: 44.5%, CDU: 27.1%, AfD: 6.5%


Here are the results Saarwellingen: SPD: 44.2 percent, CDU: 30.9 percent, AfD: 5.5 percent.


The results out Dillingen: SPD: 43.2 percent, CDU: 29.7 percent, AfD: 6.5 percent, FDP: 5.4 percent.


Now it’s fast. Here are the new municipalities counted:

Merzig: SPD: 43.9 percent, CDU: 28.2 percent, AfD: 5.9 percent, FDP: 5.3 percent
calves: SPD: 47.7 percent, CDU: 29.3 percent, AfD: 5.7 percent
Weiskirchen: SPD: 47.3 percent, CDU: 28.1 percent, AfD: 8.2 percent.


Now new numbers are out Ensdorf: SPD: 40.1 percent, CDU: 30.4 percent, AfD: 5.8 percent.


The results are also now available Wadgassen there. SPD: 44.2 percent, CDU: 25.3 percent, AfD: 5.4 percent.


Electoral operators in man they counted. The SPD manages 39.3 percent here, the CDU 28.3 percent. The AfD is 6.1%.


Also in Schwalbach the votes were counted. The SPD won 44.3 percent of the vote, the CDU 28.2 percent. Only the AfD gets here with 5.98 percent more than 5 percent.


Saarlouis he voted. Here are the results: SPD: 42.4 percent, CDU: 29.3 percent, Greens: 6.1 percent, AfD: 5.1 percent, FDP: 5.0 percent.


There are also all the rumors Mettlach counted. SPD: 41.7 percent, CDU: 31.8 percent, AfD: 6.1 percent, FDP: 5.3 percent.


The results out Beckingen: SPD: 47.3 percent, CDU: 26.5 percent, AfD: 5.4 percent.


Also from Rehlingen-Siersburg the results are now available. With 50.5 percent, the SPD got more than half of all votes. The CDU reaches 25.4 percent, the AfD at 5.0 percent.


The voices in the community Losheim am See are fully counted. The SPD gets 47 percent of the vote here, the CDU 29 percent. The AfD gets 5.3 percent. The remaining parties are below 5 percent.


According to the first projections of ARD and ZDF, the SPD clearly wins the Saarland elections. The first results are gradually coming from the Saarlouis college.


The polling stations are closed. Now the votes are counting.


You can vote until 6pm. We will then provide you with the first projections and results here.

Saarlouis District: How did you rate my seat?

If you want to know how he voted for your seat in the state elections, you can go to the website of the State Return Officer inform. The results will be published when all votes have been counted. Under these links you will find the results:

Results at constituency level

The results are further analyzed on “”. There you can even see the results for some cities and communities constituency level look at. It works like this: Simply select the desired location here (for municipalities in the district of Saarlouis) or here (for municipalities in the Merzig-Wadern district) on the right. By clicking on “more …” in the center of the screen and then selecting “electoral districts” in the navigation, you will be able to see the results in detail.

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State elections 2022: the best candidates in the constituency of Saarlouis

These are the best candidates from all parties and electoral groups on the electoral rolls in the college of Saarlouis:

CDU: Raphael Shepherd
SPD: Anke Rehlinger
Left: Dagmar Ensch-Engel
AfD: Carsten Becker
Green: Kymet Goktas
PLR: Angelika Hießerich-Peter
Family: Helmut Antis
Pirates: Ralph Peterman
Free voters: Uwe Kammer
the base: Hans Theo Both
colorful.saar: Heike Hanson
ÖDP: Philipp Noah Gross
The party: Jimmy Both
Animal welfare party: Pia Bauer
Volt: Rainer Folz

Elections 2017: this is how it went in the Saarlouis constituency

This is how the people in Saarlouis constituency did in the last state elections March 2017 Voted:

CDU: 41.9%
SPD: 30.3%
Left: 12.3%
AfD: 5.7%
Green: 3.6%
PLR: 3.1%
Other: 3.1%
the turnout it was 70.8 percent.

In 2017 she got the most votes with her CDU in the Saarlouis constituency: Monika Bachmann. Photo: Oliver Dietze / dpa-Bildfunk

More information on the Saarland elections

Sources used:
– State return officer
– Voting manager
– own research
– Photo: Oktobersonne, SaarlouisL1010265, CC BY-SA 4.0

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